What is a bill of lading ?

A bill of lading is a authorized doc containing the names of the sender and the consignee, exhibiting that a items loaded on a ship or cargo airplane has been acquired.

Bill of Lading, in previous Italian “cognoscimento” comes from the phrase as a phrase “info” It means.

On the bill of lading, which is often known as a bill of lading, there is all types of details about the industrial transaction, particularly the knowledge of the loader, purchaser, notification authority. For that reason, it is among the many worthwhile paperwork.

The dictionary that means of the bill of lading is the products delivered to the ship for transportation. “receipt” is the doc.

This doc, which is a contract for the transportation of the products from the loading level to the vacation spot deal with, is despatched to the exporter firm by the transport firm after loading.


There is a must-have info on the bill of lading. These:

  • Exporter title and deal with,
  • Importer title and deal with,
  • Transport firm title and deal with,
  • The burden, materials worth and quantity of the products despatched,
  • Loading and vacation spot port info,
  • Add date,
  • Product description and quantity of packages,
  • Freight fee info,
  • Signature and doc issuance date.
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