What does nova mean? What does the name Nova mean? ?

Ezo Sunal, the daughter of grasp actor Kemal Sunal, who’s an actor like himself, took his daughter in his arms. Ezo Sunal and Ömer Öztüyen couple named their child Nova. So what does Nova imply, what does it imply?

Kemal Sunal and Gül Sunal’s daughters Ezo Sunal married musician Ömer Öztüyen in 2018. Ezo Sunal, who’s presently experiencing child pleasure, gave start to her daughter this morning. The couple named their daughter Nova.

What does nova imply? What does the name Nova imply? The solutions to such questions started to be puzzled. Right here is the phrase which means of Nova…


Nova is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion seen on a white dwarf, inflicting the star to flash. Novas shouldn’t be confused with the different luminous phenomena, supernovas or brilliant pink novae. The nova is considered on a white dwarf in a binary star system.

If the two stars of the system are shut sufficient, matter can fall on the white dwarf from its associate star. An uncontrolled fusion response begins and happens when hydrogen is poured onto the nova star.


The phrase nova is a phrase that has handed from Latin to Turkish. In response to TDK, the which means of the phrase nova is an explosive variable star whose brightness instantly will increase.

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What does nova mean?  What does the name Nova mean?  #one

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