What diabetics should pay attention to during Ramadan

Making statements about fasting of diabetic sufferers Inner Drugs Specialist. Dr. Engin Yurt and Gastroenterology Specialist Uzm. Dr. Ayşegül Öziş, şHe defined the problems that eker sufferers should pay attention to during the month of Ramadan.

Stating that diabetes is a illness that requires consuming commonly and that they should positively have snacks, Uzm. Dr. Nation, “Externally given medicine fluctuate in blood sugar degree in accordance to numerous occasions of the day. In direction of 10:30-11:00 within the morning, between 16:30-17:00 within the afternoon and earlier than going to mattress, the sugar degree within the blood drops. If sugar will not be taken via the blood, the glucagon hormone begins to be secreted because of metabolic exercise and instantly will increase the blood sugar degree from the physique’s personal sources. This upsets the entire steadiness of the physique created by the remedy. mentioned.

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Stating that the common consuming rhythm is disrupted during the month of Ramadan, Uzm. Dr. Yurt warned that during fasting, blood sugar ranges would fall far under regular and this lower could be larger when oral antidiabetic medicine had been used, “In such a case, the glucagon hormone will activate your physique’s assets to increase your blood sugar. Your uncontrolled rising sugar will likely be carried within the blood and trigger harm as a result of your insulin hormone is inadequate. On high of that, if you load carbohydrates with a loaded iftar meal, the state of affairs will turn out to be inextricable on your metabolism. It reveals its oral antidiabetic impact inside 4 hours and sugar decreases to its lowest degree round 11:00. Within the meantime, if carbohydrates can’t be taken via vitamin, which is the case during fasting, headache and dizziness will start. It’s doable for sufferers who can regulate their blood sugar ranges by taking antidiabetic tablets to fulfill their fasting obligations to a sure extent with well-controlled sahur and iftar. used the phrases.

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What diabetics should pay attention to during Ramadan #2


Stating that the every day food plan and the variety of meals present adjustments in Ramadan, Uzm. Dr. Öziş, however, mentioned that fasting won’t change the metabolic steadiness of wholesome folks, however that long-term hunger of diabetics can pose life-threatening risks.

Expressing that consuming should not be eaten instantly and crammed in iftar and sahur, Uzm. Dr. Özis, He beneficial consuming small and frequent meals intermittently, avoiding excessively candy, high-fat and salty meals.

Stating that an grownup should drink 2.5-3 liters of water a day, Dr. Dr. Özis, He mentioned that he should strive to eat the liquid that’s wanted every day between iftar and sahur. Reminding that pregnant girls, nursing moms, people who find themselves mentally unstable, those that are touring, those that are very outdated and sick, these with extreme coronary heart and kidney illness, and people with abdomen ulcers and liver failure, should not quick. Dr. Özis, Fasting could also be inconvenient in diabetics, after iftar, blood sugar might rise after overeating, which can trigger hyperglycemia coma. If diabetics keep hungry for a very long time during Ramadan, life-threatening dangers can happen with the lower in blood sugar degree referred to as hypoglycemia. he mentioned.

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Saying that at the very least 30-60 minutes are wanted for the abdomen to empty after the meal, Dr. Dr. Öziş beneficial not to lie down instantly after a meal, to sit or stand for at the very least half an hour to 1 hour so as to stop the escape of abdomen contents into the esophagus, referred to as reflux. Öziş acknowledged that consuming copious quantities of meals, carbonated drinks, extreme tea and occasional consumption, extreme oily meals and chocolate consumption after breaking the quick will improve the complaints of reflux sufferers. “As a substitute of getting into entrance of the TV or laptop instantly after the iftar meal, shifting a bit and strolling relieves the digestion. Particularly these with power illnesses during the month of Ramadan should seek the advice of their physician whereas fasting.” mentioned.

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