What are the benefits of senna? Senna tea recipe..

It’s recognized that senna tea, which is legendary for its potential to scrub the intestines, has been used as a medicinal plant since the ninth century AD. It has been used for therapeutic functions particularly in the Arabian peninsula.

It’s largely grown in the South Aegean and Mediterranean coasts in our nation. Though it’s well-known for its therapeutic results, it has succeeded in coming into the kitchens as a condiment with its nice aroma.

Tea brewed with the dried leaves of senna additionally has an intense laxative impact. Due to this fact, it needs to be consumed with warning.

So what are the benefits of senna, how is it consumed? Right here is the senna tea recipe..


Latin identify Cassia angustifolia Cassia tea is a member of the Fabaceae (Legumes) household. Its homeland is Somalia, India and Egypt.

It’s grown as a decorative plant in our nation. It’s a bush-like perennial herb that blooms yellow flowers amongst its lush leaves in summer time.

Its fruits are pod-like, onerous and flat. Its pink and candy seeds are discovered inside the fruit. In the kitchen, it’s used as a spice in cookies, salads and dishes.


  • Some parts in senna grass struggle parasites in the physique. It fights intestinal worms and protects your intestinal well being. So your abdomen feels higher.
  • Senna is a diuretic and antioxidant herb. Due to this impact, it permits you to simply take away the dangerous substances accrued in your physique. Cassia can be a plant that may make you are feeling good in circumstances of constipation and edema. It is strongly recommended as natural tea in the remedy of constipation.
  • It prevents irritation in your physique. If there’s an present irritation, it can destroy it in a short while and convey you again to your outdated well being.
  • Senna grass can act as a ache reliever in circumstances corresponding to complications, bone ache and abdomen ache.
  • Senna grass is efficient on your intestines in addition to useful on your pores and skin. You should utilize cassia grass to make your pores and skin look extra vigorous and shine.
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Herb that stimulates the intestines: What are the benefits of senna?  Senna tea recipe.. #2


You may eat senna grass as natural tea. All it’s important to do is brew two teaspoons of senna with a glass of scorching water for 10 minutes and drink it. If you wish to sweeten the style a bit extra, you’ll be able to add some honey.

You may eat the tea throughout the day. Additionally it is appropriate to be consumed on common 2 instances every week.

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