What Are the Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil?

As always, I say healthy and natural nutrition, natural care and beauty and therefore healthy life. In this context, I’m adding a new health full of natural oils that I told you about.

Again, the panacea oil, rosemary oil. Rosemary oil is an essential oil, obtained by steam distillation and a pungent wood scented oil. Natural rosemary oil is a source of healing. If you have never had rosemary oil that is bitter, anti-bacterial, disinfectant, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-infection, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and more, you will definitely get it after reading the content. Because rosemary oil plays a therapeutic role in both physical ailments and undesirable conditions, mental problems and deficiencies. In this context, let’s take a look at the contributions and benefits of rosemary oil to our healthy and natural life.
What is rosemary oil good for?

  • It relieves joint and muscle pain.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • Disinfectant feature.
  • It is antibacterial.
  • Anti-cancer.
  • Protects from the flu.
  • It prevents the formation of fungi and cleans existing fungi.
  • It eliminates infections and inflammations.
  • Injuries and bruises on the skin heal faster.
  • Antioxidant.
  • It protects and preserves vascular health with the effect of accelerating blood circulation.
  • It keeps blood pressure and cholesterol in balance.
  • It regulates liver enzymes.
  • It relieves rheumatism pain.
  • It has expectorant properties.
  • It protects and strengthens the immune, digestive, nervous and respiratory systems.
  • It is therapeutic in bronchitis and sinusitis.
  • It gives vitality and shine to the skin thanks to its cell renewal feature.
  • It prevents hair loss and supports new hair growth.

When applied by massaging the skin, it accelerates blood circulation, prevents cellulite formation and cleans existing cellulite.

  • It relieves abdominal pain.
  • Increases memory.
  • It opens the mind, prevents distraction, helps focus attention.
  • It prevents and eliminates oily and bacterial skin problems.
  • It prevents the feeling of weakness.
  • Good for insomnia.
  • It is diuretic and carminative.
  • It helps to lose weight due to its fat burning properties.

Rosemary oil removes acne and acne

For pimple, acne skin, mix 1 teaspoon of rosemary oil and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Dip the cotton in the mixture and squeeze the pimple area. However, apple cider vinegar and rosemary oil are sharp and acidic products can cause allergic reactions to the skin. So first apply a small area to your hand, wait 10 minutes and see if it will react negatively.
Rosemary oil is an effective antioxidant
Due to its antioxidant properties, the scent of rosemary oil prevents respiratory system problems and bacteria and fungi are removed when the hands and feet are massaged with rosemary oil.
It helps to get rid of addictions such as smoking and alcohol.
For people who want to get rid of their addiction, the scent of rosemary oil and massaging the temples with rosemary oil several times a day helps to remove the mind from this substance.
Relieves headache
If you have a headache, put a few drops of rosemary oil on your palms or wrists and smell them.
Skin care with rosemary oil

Rosemary oil accelerates blood circulation and helps cell regeneration in the skin where it is applied. Therefore, when the skin is massaged with rosemary oil, the skin retains its natural vitality, youthfulness and freshness. In this context, I recommend rosemary oil to prevent the negative effects of advancing age and to stop the visible effects of aging. However, for this, rosemary oil should not be used alone, it should be mixed with a carrier oil. For example, when mixed with equal amounts of olive oil, wheat oil or sweet almond oil, it is a suitable treatment for skin care.
Rosemary oil relieves depression and stress
I recommend rosemary oil to people who are feeling bad psychologically and emotionally. During stressful and depressive periods, dropping rosemary oil on the palms or wrists smells the mind and calms the stress.
Rosemary oil strengthens the memory, opens the mind

In particular, leaving a few drops of rosemary oil in some corners of the school-age nursery will help increase memory in the areas where they work. Rosemary oil will increase your ability to learn and strengthen your concentration and focus.
Rosemary oil is good for all kinds of hair problems

Rosemary oil rejuvenates the skin and accelerates blood circulation under the skin and helps regenerate cells under the skin. In this regard, the scalp is nourished and revitalized while the hair is massaged with rosemary oil. Therefore, hair loss is prevented and the hair becomes faster and stronger while promoting new hair growth. There is also evidence that rosemary oil slows the hair whitening process. In this respect, it is beneficial to apply a mixture of carrier oil such as rosemary oil and olive oil to the scalp and hair strands in all kinds of hair problems.
Does rosemary oil weaken?
Rosemary oil accelerates blood circulation, diuretic and fat burning properties. Therefore, rosemary oil is known to speed up the weight loss process. In this context, it is a fact that body tissues with high fat storage are regularly massaged with one-to-one fat, the fat tissues in that area are broken, burned and regional thinning. Rosemary oil strengthens the connective tissues and exfoliates the skin, and also helps speed up the slimming process.
In this regard, if you experience excessive lubrication in the navel area, if you have difficulty melting your belly, massage this area with rosemary oil before going to bed at night, then wrap this area with 2-3 layers of cling film. To increase the fat-burning effect, wear a thick sweater or wrap your tummy in a thick woolen fabric. In the morning, after dissolving the cling film, take a shower with warm water and rub a bag of pumpkin fiber on this area. If you continue to do this three times a week, you will see the effect soon. Of course, if you walk for half an hour a day during this time, wake up in the morning and get a service before going to bed in the evening, you’ll get rid of the fat in your stomach much sooner.
How to use rosemary oil?
Rosemary oil; It is used by massaging the skin externally and breathing through the mouth and nose, but not orally. Because rosemary oil; Pain relieving, increasing blood circulation, anti-hair loss properties require external removal. For mental cleavage, rosemary oil is recommended to be inhaled through the mouth and nose for its respiratory regulating effect. A handful of rosemary oil can be dripped and sniffed to do this, or a few drops of rosemary oil in a glass bowl can be used as air freshener. However, it is recommended to massage aching muscles and joints and apply rosemary oil to palms and wrists in a depressed, stressful mood. However, since rosemary oil is a very sharp oil, you should definitely use it drop by drop, no matter what problem. Additionally, rosemary oil is not recommended for use in pregnant, breastfeeding and infants. Also, rosemary oil is an essential and pungent oil that causes an allergic reaction to see if it’s worth trying on a small area.

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