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Laurel soap: Thanks to its antioxidant and antiseptic properties, it cleans the dirt and oil accumulated on the skin. Thanks to its repairing, nourishing and moisturizing effect, it revitalizes and softens the skin. It balances the amount of fat by accelerating the blood circulation. It heals the wounds on the scalp by feeding the scalp.

Benefits of laurel soap to skin

1.It is good for cooking and prevents

When the baby’s skin is cleaned with laurel soap, it is good for rashes and prevents diaper rash.

If you are using it to treat diaper rash, rub the diaper rash area a little first, then wash it with laurel soap. After washing, apply baby powder to this area. When you do this regularly, you may find that the redness özgü subsided, which is a good thing.

2- kills germs

Thanks to its antiseptic and amino acid properties, it özgü the ability to kill microbes on the skin. Thus, it heals skin diseases caused by microbes and prevents their formation.

3.Prevents skin aging

Laurel soap özgü cell regenerative properties, so it prevents premature skin aging. It prevents the formation of new wrinkles and removes them. With the vitamins and minerals it contains, it nourishes the skin, gives elasticity and tightens the pores.

4.Improves eczema

Laurel soap is very effective in the treatment of eczema due to its antiseptic content and properties. With regular use, skin scaling, itching and redness, which are symptoms of eczema, decrease and disappear after a while. It prevents the continued use of eczema.

5.It is effective in treating psoriasis

As a result of washing the nacreous areas regularly with laurel soap, it is noticed that the red spots, red spots and scales on the skin heal over time.

6. Eliminates acne, blackheads and pimples

Laurel soap removes excess oil from the skin, opens the clogged pores and destroys microbes with its anti-bacterial properties. In this way, it eliminates pimples by drying and prevents the formation of acne, acne and blackheads again. It also reduces and eliminates skin blemishes over time.

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7- It is beneficial for varicose veins

When massaging the legs with laurel soap, it regulates blood circulation and plays an effective role in the healing of varicose veins.

8- heals wounds

Thanks to its antiseptic feature, it enables the germs in the wound area to die and supports the skin to repair itself. For this reason, laurel soap is effective in wound healing.

9- Nourishes the skin

Laurel soap helps you have a healthy and vibrant skin by nourishing the skin with its vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

  • Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc minerals,
  • Vitamins A, C, D, B6, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12,
  • Folic acid and fatty acids.

10. Moisturizes the skin

Skin that is worn out and dried by daily erosion and wear is allowed to be renewed. Thanks to the special oils and vitamins it contains, it moisturizes the skin. Since the skin moistened with laurel soap does not lose its elasticity, it always looks more beautiful and younger.

11. Prevents cracks

In daily life, the skin dries out and loses its elasticity. Over time, cracks that do not moisturize and nourish the skin occur. Laurel soap should be used regularly, which moisturizes the skin, gives elasticity and prevents cracking.

12.Tightens pores

The enlargement of facial pores causes acne over time. When you make regular care with soap, it tightens the skin and shrinks the pores.

13. Prevents acne

Black spots occur as a result of the skin pores filling with dirt. Ground black spots prepare for acne formation over time. When used regularly, laurel soap prevents the removal of black spots and the formation of black spots.

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14. Eliminates skin imperfections

Laurel soap helps to biçim a smooth skin by removing acne scars, sun spots and various skin spots with its peeling and cell regenerating effect. Soap should be used at least once a day, after 2-3 minutes, lathering the skin and rubbing it gently after rinsing.

15. Good for leather fungi

With its antiseptic feature, laurel soap prevents the formation of parasites and bacteria by penetrating the skin and is effective in the treatment of fungal diseases.

16. It özgü a peeling effect.

With its peeling effect, it removes dead cells on the skin and allows the skin to breathe.

Benefits of laurel soap

1.It is good for hair loss

It strengthens the hair by nourishing the hair from root to tip, which is beneficial for hair loss. In this way, it makes the hair look beautiful and well-groomed.

2. Eliminates dandruff

It is possible to get rid of dandruff sorun by washing the hair regularly with soap every day.

3.Provides rapid extension

The nourishing oils and vitamins in its content nourish the hair follicles, allowing the hair to grow faster.

4. Provides full view

Hair becomes thinner due to air pollution, hair styling methods, some diseases and chemical products. Thin and fragile hair starts to fall out over time and the volume decreases completely. Laurel soap özgü the ability to nourish hair follicles and hair strands thanks to the oil extracts and vitamins it contains. By nourishing the hair, you can have fuller and fuller hair over time.

5- It is beneficial for scales and wounds on the scalp.

Laurel soap helps the skin renew itself by killing the microbes on the scalp, so it is good to get rid of scales and wounds on the scalp.

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6.Prevents oily hair

It cleanses the hair from excess oil and provides the oil balance, thus preventing the hair from being too oily.

7.She brightens the hair

Good nutrition is essential for the hair to look shiny. Laurel soap nourishes the hair and makes it look more beautiful and shiny.

8.Prevents hair breakage

A distinctive feature of unhealthy hair is broken hair strands. When the strands are broken, the hair becomes lifeless and the hair is broken, you can use nourishing laurel soap to prevent hair loss. Also hair

9- Thin hair

When you wash your hair regularly using laurel soap, you can have soft and silky hair that is easy to style.

How is laurel soap used?

Use on skin

After the laurel soap is applied to the skin, it should be rubbed with foam and then rinsed with water. It can be used 1-2 times a week in the morning and evening. It can be used with special products such as natural pumpkin fibers to cleanse the body. Vigorous scrubbing increases irritation as eczema and psoriasis can cause skin irritation.

Hair use

After applying the laurel soap to wet hair, massage it into the scalp with gentle movements. After the application, clean the hair thoroughly by rinsing it with soapy water.

Use for varicose veins

The natural fibers of the gourds should be soaked, the laurel soap should be completely impregnated with the fibers, and the legs should be rubbed with fiber for about 15 minutes. After the procedure is completed, the legs should be thoroughly rinsed with cold water.

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