What Are Beans? What Are the Types, Features and Benefits?

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In the world of science Phaseolus vulgaris The beans, which are referred to by their name, are one of the vegetables that are consumed fresh or dried, grown in a long period of one year. Turkey’s renewed love beans need almost anywhere is one of the nutrients that you can easily obtain from both markets can grow in your own garden.

The beans, which have hairy and heart-shaped leaves, grow between the dense leaves. Pink, purple and white flowers bloom before the beans are formed. Divided into two basic types when it bears fruit beans are either flat and long or short and plump is happening. These two species, which are known by different names among the people, differ considerably in terms of taste.

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beans can be grown easily even in cold climates is a plant that adapts to Turkey’s climate. For this reason, it is suitable for growing in almost every soil type of the country. Approximately 80 types of beans However, certain types are considered delicious.

What Are Beans?

What Are Beans?

Belonging to the legume family, beans, fruit once a year it is one of the herbaceous plants. It özgü a knotty stem and dark green leaves. Beans, which are hairy due to their structure, do not cause any taste disturbance when cooked. Although there are many varieties, it is known that it grows a few species that the public likes. Those who cannot raise it have the chance to find these few species in the market.

The bean, whose fruit is approximately 15 santimetre the taste is sweet özgü a structure. Although it usually gives green fruit, it is also possible to see beans of different colors. worldwide among the most consumed vegetables Having an important place, beans are also loved by the Turkish people.

What are the Properties of Beans?

What are the Properties of Beans?

Having a place in almost every cuisine from America to Africa, beans are one of the vegetables that have been known for centuries. It can be seen that it is consumed in different ways as well as without any contribution. Moreover, it can be collected and eaten fresh or it can be seen as granular.

Rich in calcium and vitamins most in beans B1 and B2 vitamins are available. also iron, potassium It is known to be very nutritious in terms of Different types of beans can come together under the same name, from soy to kidney bean. The benefits of each are different. It is preferred as a source of flavor and healing while consuming.

How to Grow Beans?

How to Grow Beans?

Bean, which can be grown in almost any type of soil, is a plant that requires attention during planting. Not below 3 or 4 degrees in winter Planting in places will give healthier results. When planting in autumn, pits are opened one meter apart first. At least 5 and at most 7 seeds are placed in it and the soil is covered. When it starts to show itself slowly, sticks are sewn at the bottom of the branches. A climbing plant the beans will become even longer by wrapping these sticks. Spring or summer fruiting plant will dry out later.

What are the Types of Beans?

What are the Types of Beans?

Beans are consumed both by picking green and by drying their grains. It is very nutritious in both forms. There are differences in taste and vitamins between the types. They are cooked and served in a variety of ways.

What are the Types of Green Beans?

When the beans were picked from the branch while still green string beans or bead Ayşe takes its name. The beans that have larger grains but are cooked in green without removing the grains are called beads Ayşe. Bush bean is the one that is mostly long and flat. The bean grains are almost completely absent. Likewise, the string beans used in cooking are also very suitable for canning.

What are the Types of Dry Beans?

After the beans are collected from their branches, they are divided into grains. It can have different names after separating into grains. Some of these; navel, sugar, kidney bean and kidney bean. Although cowpea is known as a separate vegetable from beans, it comes together under the same name after being granulated. Likewise, different names can be given for kidney beans. It is considered as one of the bean types when it is divided into kidney beans that are not consumed fresh. Apart from these rooster, dermason and Dombay beans There are also types.

Used from areas that are slightly different from their types soybean It is one of the most consumed beans among the people. Soybean, which is very rich in protein and oil, is the most consumed food in America and China.

What Are the Benefits of Beans?

What Are the Benefits of Beans?

The benefits of the beans to the digestive system are countless is a powerful antioxidant can be said. Her body, protecting from all cancerous cells beans also facilitate the removal of all harmful substances. Contained in Vitamin K, no risk of getting cancer . With the same vitamin brain and nervous system Contributing to its development, beans increase the quality of cognitive functions.

Balances blood sugar beans are also rich in folate and folic acid. heart health and circulation for it is also very healing. Among the other benefits of beans are strengthening of bones, completion of protein deficiency, and prevention of cholesterol.

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Because beans contain B vitamins alzheimer’s disease It özgü prevention feature. Containing plenty of zinc benefits eye health. According to some sources niacin ingredient because it contains pressure that occurs in migraine is preventive and therapeutic. It helps prevent bone diseases with its calcium content. With magnesium content to asthma It is known to be good.

What Are the Side Effects of Beans?

What Are the Side Effects of Beans?

Beans causing indigestion in excessive consumption, gas pains in the stomach It is one of the foods. Rather than dry beans for those with stomach problems green beans are more comfortable to digest it will be a food.

The simplest cooking technique is boiling beans Eating raw can cause poisoning can be. Against allergic reactions You should definitely take care to cook the beans before consuming them. The healthiest thing is boiling and preparing it with olive oil will prevent your stomach from getting sick.

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