Wearing a mask reduces the risk of facial paralysis in cold weather

Together with the winter season, cold air and wind may cause many ailments whereas additionally inflicting facial paralysis.

Diyarbakır Dicle College Hospitals Deputy Chief Doctor and Ear Nostril and Throat Specialist Dr. School Member Serdar Ferit Toprak stated that the mask worn to guard in opposition to coronavirus not solely protects the particular person from many viral ailments, but additionally reduces the risk of facial paralysis which will happen on account of cold.


Toprak acknowledged that they may encounter fewer circumstances of facial paralysis this yr on account of the coronavirus, which makes it necessary to put on a mask, “Facial Paralysis, which we name facial paralysis, is because of two causes. This may both be on account of the harm attributable to the nerve inside the head, or it may be on account of any harm it’s going to see alongside its tracing after it leaves the head.” he stated.


Expressing that sporting a mask reduces these dangers, Toprak stated:
“Probably the most we see are facial paralysis on account of the harm of the nerve, which we name peripheral, after it leaves the head. Principally, we can not discover the causes for these. However there are two elements that we blame the most. The primary is publicity to cold and the second is viral infections. Since we put on masks throughout the pandemic course of, we’re each uncovered to cold. We hope to come across a lot much less ‘Facial Paralysis’ this yr, as we’re shielded from different viral infections aside from coronavirus.”



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