Watch out for the water diet: it can cause death

The water food regimen, or water fasting with one other identify, got here to the fore once more. After a very long time, the water food regimen, which has turn into well-liked once more with the sharing of some celebrities, has been a matter of debate whether or not it is wholesome or not.

Stating that the water food regimen can have extraordinarily harmful penalties, Dr. Teacher Member Ayla Ünver Alçay made necessary warnings and suggestions.


The water food regimen can be rather more harmful, particularly for diabetics. That is as a result of it can decrease blood sugar to an unsafe, even lethal stage. When you have any illness, you must positively avoid the water food regimen and different shock diets. As well as, in one of these diets, water and muscle mass make up the majority of the weight misplaced in the brief time period. When an individual returns to his previous consuming habits, he positive factors the weight he misplaced at the identical price, and he can even exceed his previous weight.

Consuming water in the food regimen is usually really helpful by specialists. Nonetheless, a food regimen with solely water goes far past that. Water fasting is a sort of follow that consumes nothing however water. It is usually known as by numerous names corresponding to therapeutic fasting, starvation fasting, well being fasting. Most water fasts often final between 24 and 72 hours. Nonetheless, in recent times, 7-day, 10-day, 21-day water fasting diets have additionally began to realize reputation. Water fasting for longer than 72 hours with out medical supervision must be strictly averted. A wholesome vitamin program and diets with sufficient each day fluid consumption are extra appropriate for our physique.

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There are numerous variations of the water food regimen. There are numerous variations, starting from fasting by consuming nothing in any respect and consuming solely water, to making sure that the water you drink each day is chilly.

For instance, one model recommends consuming two glasses of water earlier than every meal whereas following a low-calorie food regimen. On one other water food regimen, you might be allowed to eat, for instance, a fruit with water. Some water diets let you know to drink water for a number of days, however let you add vegatables and fruits as you start to drop a few pounds. In one other model, consuming solely soup is in query, aside from drinks corresponding to water, tea and low.

These food regimen developments, which have very completely different functions, have one factor in widespread that they’re so excessive that they can be health-threatening in any case. The model that it is utilized for a very long time, solely consuming water with out consuming something, can be harmful.


There isn’t a scientific information to the water food regimen, however it has turn into very fashionable in recent times as a fast option to drop a few pounds. Well-known actress Rıza Kocaoğlu can also be a kind of who comply with the water food regimen pattern.

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This system that Rıza Kocaoğlu applied for two weeks contains not consuming meals or drink wherever besides water for in the future to per week or longer. It can certainly assist you drop a few pounds quick. Should you do not eat something for two weeks, after all you’ll drop a few pounds. But when the dangers far outweigh any advantages, it may do extra hurt than good.

The water food regimen will assist you drop a few pounds shortly this manner, however most of what you lose might be muscle. On this course of, the caffeine in the espresso to be drunk might be a diuretic (diuretic) and can cause water to be thrown out of the physique, and you could assume that you just lose extra fats with extra water loss, however the outcomes can be distorted. When the previous improper consuming habits are returned, the water faraway from the physique will return in a short while and since the metabolism slows down attributable to muscle loss, the misplaced weight might be shortly changed and much more might be gained.

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