Warning from Kadyrov to Zelensky: You’d better flee to Russia

Whereas Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued, Evacuation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from Ukraine was on the agenda.


Making a press release concerning the information that the British and US intelligence are engaged on the potential for Zelensky’s evacuation from the nation, the President of the Chechnya Republic, Ramazan Kadyrov, advised Zelensky. “Don’t flee to England, however to Russia” made the decision.

Kadyrov, in his Telegram assertion, “Zelensky, you’d better flee to Russia, not England, or you’ll endure Saakashvili’s destiny. The liberation of you and the Ukrainian folks will come for those who meet and agree with Vladimir Putin.” used the phrases.

Warning from Kadyrov to Zelensky: You'd better flee to Russia #1


Stating that Zelensky was deceived and deceived his personal folks, Kadyrov famous that the Ukrainian chief ought to expel the Banderaists from his nation along with the Russian troopers.

Kadyrov, “This shouldn’t be finished with strangers who are usually not serving to in any approach. I do know our chief. He’s farsighted and smart, he’ll perceive you and can decide acceptable to the Ukrainian folks.” stated.

Warning from Kadyrov to Zelensky: You'd better flee to Russia #2

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Warning from Kadyrov to Zelensky: You'd better flee to Russia #3

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