Voting begins in Hungary

{People} in Hungary went to the polls for important elections.

Within the nation with a inhabitants of roughly 9.7 million, 8 million 200 thousand voters vote for the referendum and to find out the brand new members of the Nationwide Meeting.

6 events got here collectively in Hungary to alter the 12-year rule of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.


In keeping with the newest opinion polls, 41 p.c of the voters assist the Hungarian Residents’ Union (Fidesz) and the Christian Democratic {People}’s Social gathering (KDNP) alliance, 39 p.c assist the Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik, Momentum, Hungarian Socialist Social gathering (MSZP), Hungarian Greens. Social gathering (LMP) and the Dialogue Social gathering for Hungary (PM) assist “Unity for Hungary”, whereas 16 p.c are undecided.

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Within the Hungarian Parliament, which has a complete of 199 seats, 106 deputies are decided in keeping with the “slender district system”, in which the candidate with probably the most votes wins.

Within the slender district system, the candidate with the very best variety of votes in the primary spherical turns into a member of parliament. The remaining 93 deputies are decided from the record of the events in keeping with the vote charge.

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Solely the Fidesz-KDNP alliance and the Union for Hungary are anticipated to exceed the 5 p.c threshold for entry to the parliament.


Opposition events entered the 2018 elections with separate candidates. This time, the events selected a joint record and candidate, except for the far-right Mi Hazank.

The joint candidate of the six events was decided as Peter Marquis-Zay, Mayor of the town of Hodmezovasarhely.

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Voters additionally voted in the referendum on the laws banning “selling” homosexuality and gender reassignment to minors underneath the age of 18, described as “homophobic regulation” by the opposition and “little one safety regulation” by the federal government, to which many European Union (EU) nations have reacted sharply. makes use of.

The inquiries to be answered in the general public vote have been decided as follows:

“Do you assist the educating of sexual orientation classes to underage youngsters in colleges with out the consent of the dad and mom? Do you assist the promotion of the gender reassignment operation to underage youngsters? Do you assist the unrestricted show of sexual content material that impacts the event of youngsters in the media? Do you assist the publication of pictures selling gender reassignment in the media? “

Voting process started in Hungary #3


In keeping with the general public opinion polls, it’s predicted that many individuals will solid invalid votes in the favored vote upon the decision of the opposition, and due to this fact the referendum can be invalid if the voting charge stays beneath 50 p.c.

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