Vladimir Putin accused Western countries of disrupting agricultural production

The Russia-Ukraine struggle prevented the switch of adequate grain shares to the world markets.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of wheat and different grain merchandise had been stranded in Ukrainian ports.

Blaming the West: It hinders our grain exports

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attended the net “BRICS Plus” Summit, which introduced collectively the leaders of 17 countries, together with China, India, Brazil and South Africa, touched on the topic.

Putin stated that his nation’s army motion in Ukraine was not liable for the worldwide meals disaster, arguing that the West was blocking Russian grain exports.

“They destabilize agricultural production”

“The meals market is most severely unstable” Putin stated to Western countries, particularly the USA. “by destabilizing international agricultural production” blamed.

Putin famous that Western restrictions had been imposed on fertilizer shipments from Russia and Belarus.

Putin: We’re prepared to satisfy our obligations

russian chief, “Rising costs for important agricultural commodities corresponding to grain have hit creating countries. Bread and flour are important for survival for almost all of the inhabitants in rising markets.” stated.

Vladimir Putin additionally added that Russia is a “accountable actor within the international meals market” and is able to “actually fulfill all contractual obligations”, Al Jazeera reported.

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