US aircraft engine manufacturer: Turkey’s removal from the F-35 will increase prices

Turkey, the producer accomplice of the F-35 fighter jet program, was excluded from the venture by the US Division of Protection (Pentagon).

Notifying Ankara, the Pentagon said that the Joint Memorandum of Understanding signed on January 26, 2007 was terminated and Turkey was not included in the new memorandum of understanding.


The US-based Protection Information web site said that eradicating Turkey from the program would increase prices.

Matthew Bromberg, President of Connecticut-based aerospace firm Pratt & Whitney, “The engine value of the F-35 will increase by 3 p.c resulting from the removal of Turkey from the program.” mentioned.

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In the information, it was famous that 188 components of the aircraft engine produced by the firm and utilized in the F-35s had been initially equipped by Turkish suppliers.

Talking to the US Senate’s Armed Providers Committee, Bromberg mentioned: “These are a few of the most crucial components of the engine and the Turkish suppliers had been top quality, low value.” used the phrase.

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Turkey participated in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program (JSF) as a co-manufacturer with the Joint Memorandum of Understanding.

The contributors of the program consisted of Turkey in addition to the USA, England, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Canada and Norway.

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Turkey had dedicated to purchase 100 F-35A aircraft in the first stage. In 2018, the possession of 4 F-35 aircraft was given to Turkey, however the aircraft had been subjected to coaching packages in the USA, through which Turkish pilots additionally participated. Later, possession of two extra F-35 aircraft was given.

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Attributable to the S-400 situation between Turkey and the USA, these 6 aircraft weren’t transferred to Turkey and it was determined to be bought for the US Air Power inside the scope of the 2020 Protection Finances.

Turkey was additionally producing 1005 components for the aircraft. The participation of Turkish firms on this manufacturing was largely suspended. It was revealed that the USA had discovered new suppliers for all 1005 components as of December 2020.

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