US Air Force develops technology that heals wounds faster

College of Michigan scientist Dr. Indika Rajapaske is working with US Air Force officers on reprogramming cells within the human physique to hurry up wound therapeutic.

Within the examine, which makes use of a live-cell imaging microscope, an algorithm is developed that will permit the mathematical willpower of the suitable time to intrude with the cell’s cycle within the wound-healing course of.

Throughout cell reprogramming, the genome of a selected cell, akin to a pores and skin cell, is altered to turn out to be one other cell, akin to a muscle or blood cell.

Within the analysis, the hypoxia and comparable altitude-related medical circumstances skilled by the troopers in the course of the flight as a result of their non-healing wounds may even be examined.


Dr. from the 711th Human Efficiency Division of the US Air Force, who participated within the analysis. Rajesh Naik, “The outcomes of this analysis could have implications in many various areas.” mentioned.

Stating that “life sciences are used along with mathematical fashions”, Naik said that this could result in a severe progress in wound therapeutic applied sciences.

However, no assertion has but been made as to when the technology will probably be accomplished and used.

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