US AFRICOM: We need to prevent China from establishing a base on the Atlantic coast

US AFRICOM: We need to prevent China from establishing a base on the Atlantic coast

Commander of the US African Forces (AFRICOM) Normal Townsend answered questions with the Commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) Normal Kenneth McKenzie at the Home of Representatives Armed Forces Committee.

Stating that China has determined to compete with the USA in Africa and that is acutely aware, Townsend stated, “I feel that competitors is primarily financial and diplomatic competitors. They compete by investing throughout the continent.” stated.


Townsend acknowledged that in each nation the place China invests, the USA doesn’t need to reply, “We have to be selective about the place we’re going to do that, and we’ve got to select nations the place it is essential for us to compete.” he stated.

Townsend, who stated that Beijing will strive to compete with the USA militarily in Africa, used the following statements:


“As for the army, their solely abroad base is in Djibouti. The first factor that worries me about China’s army rivalry in Africa is that they’re actively in search of a army base on the Atlantic coast of Africa. That might be unhealthy for America’s safety and We should first precedence be to prevent and deter China from establishing a base on the Atlantic coast of Africa.”

Answering questions on France’s completion of the Barkhane mission in Mali, Townsend stated that the French had shifted their forces from Mali to different nations, and so they did this by trying to find new areas the place they might be efficient.

US AFRICOM: We need to prevent China from establishing a base on the Atlantic coast #2


CENTCOM Commander McKenzie, whose space of ​​duty is the Center East, answered questions on the crises in Afghanistan, the Gulf area, Yemen and Syria.

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Answering a query about the objectives of Iran, Russia and Turkey in Syria, Gen. McKenzie claimed that Iran’s purpose in Syria was to create a land bridge between Lebanon and Iran and thus assault Israel.

McKenzie, He additionally acknowledged that Iran threatens the US forces in the area with its presence in Syria. introduced.

If the US commander is oriented in the direction of Turkey’s objectives “Turkey has a actual nationwide safety concern there.” he stated.

“Are they fearful about the Kurds there?” McKenzie replied:


“Turks sure. We have argued that there are totally different parts inside the Kurds, and we don’t agree with Turkey on this that each one the Kurds are dedicated to attacking Turkey, however there are professional safety issues. As you recognize, we’re actively preventing in opposition to ISIS. “We are closely partnering with the Syrian Democratic Forces* and different Syrian Kurdish parts. So there’s a actual disagreement between us and our NATO accomplice on this problem. Nevertheless, we’re conscious that there are professional safety issues.”

Normal McKenzie, “If the vital efficient strain will not be utilized, that menace will develop there and unfold over time.” claimed.

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