Ukrainian sailor in Spain tried to sink the Russian rich yacht

In the information in the Spanish press, it was famous that an try was made to sink a yacht price 7 million Euros, which is acknowledged to belong to Russian businessman Alexander Mijeev, who’s the proprietor of Rostec, an organization that sells weapons and produces navy helicopters, and is ready in Adriano Port yesterday.


It has been introduced that the Ukrainian sailor, who broken the yacht and induced a few of it to take in water, was introduced earlier than the decide right this moment after being detained and launched on probation after his assertion was taken.


The Ukrainian sailor, who informed the Spanish decide that he was making an attempt to sink the yacht to avenge Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “Weapons purchased from the firm of the proprietor of this yacht are used to assault Ukraine and the Ukrainian folks. After I noticed on TV a Russian missile hit an condo with civilians, I felt very dangerous and I felt compelled to sink the yacht.” it was acknowledged.

It was shared that the particular person in query first turned off the gasoline valves and electrical energy after getting on the yacht, then informed the 3-person crew to depart the yacht instantly and broken the engine room.

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Ukrainian sailor in Spain tried to sink the Russian rich yacht #2

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