Two more victims of the Bosnian War identified

Two more individuals who disappeared in the Bosnian War have been identified.

In the assertion made by the Institute of Lacking Individuals of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was said that the two individuals identified have been Muslim Bosniaks who disappeared in the Bratunac and Sekovici areas in 1992-1995.

bones discovered

In the assertion, it was famous that the individuals identified have been Salmir Hodzic, born in 1983, and Osmo Efendic, born in 1961. Hodzic’s bones have been present in 2002, and Efendic’s bones in 2004.

As well as, it was said that in the excavation work carried out in Osmaci Municipality, bone stays belonging to at the least 1 individual have been discovered and the bones have been thought to belong to the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide.

1 sufferer of Vukovar bloodbath identified

In the assertion made by the institute, it was reported that the identification of Muslim Bosniak Ekrem Nakicevic, who was killed in Vukovar, Croatia in 1991, was additionally decided.

Nakicevic, born in 1949, disappeared in Vukovar in 1991 and his bones have been present in 1999 in the identical metropolis.

2 more victims of Bosnian War identified #2

Vukovar bloodbath

The most important and bloodiest clashes in the struggle, which began after Croatia introduced its separation from Yugoslavia in June 1991, occurred in Vukovar.

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Yugoslav {People}’s Military troopers and Serbian paramilitary models besieged Vukovar for 87 days. The town, the place more than 11,000 bombs fell on some days, fell to Serbian forces on 18 November 1991.

2 more victims of Bosnian War identified #3

The our bodies of round 500 individuals have nonetheless not been discovered.

Whereas the Serbian occupation, which began after the siege, continued till January 15, 1998, varied struggle crimes have been dedicated in opposition to the wounded and workers at Vukovar Hospital.

Based on Vukovar Hospital knowledge, at the least 1624 individuals died, about 7,000 individuals have been taken to focus camps, and round 22,000 non-Serb civilians, principally Croats, have been deported from the metropolis.

The our bodies of round 500 individuals killed in Vukovar have nonetheless not been discovered.

2 more victims of Bosnian War identified #4

Began in 1992, lasted till 1995

The Serbian Meeting selected 21 December 1991 to determine the Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a federal construction inside Yugoslavia, and to acknowledge the Republika Srpska of Krajina at the identical time.

On the foundation of this choice, the Serb {People}’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was proclaimed on January 9, 1992.

2 more victims of Bosnian War identified #5

Greater than 100,000 individuals died

After Bosnia and Herzegovina declared its independence in consequence of the referendum held on February 29 and March 1, 1992, the Serbian-controlled Yugoslav military and Serbian paramilitary models began ethnic cleaning in opposition to Muslim Bosniaks.

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Greater than 100 thousand individuals misplaced their lives in the Bosnian War, which lasted till 14 December 1995, and about 2 million individuals have been compelled emigrate.

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