Turkish Professor Prof. Dr. Berrin Tansel Won Award From NASA

Turkish Professor Prof. Dr. Berrin Tansel Won an Award from NASA. New awards are being added to the awards won by Turkish scientists in recent years. Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the International University in Florida and working with NASA. Dr. Berrin Tansel won an award from NASA.

For 20 years NASA Prof., who carried out many projects with and carried out projects such as separating ammonia from waste water. Dr. Berrin Tansel American Academy of Environmental Engineering and Scientists (American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists – AAEES) Science Award, the scientists working abroad regaining reveals that it is necessary.

Berrin Tansel, who went to the USA to study environmental engineering with Fulbright scholarship, in 1978 METU Chemical Engineering DepartmentHe graduated from. Having many awards before Prof. Dr. Berrin Tansel his achievements are invaluable for the Turkish scientific world.

“I worked on filters for 2 summer in the Space Life Sciences Laboratory at Kennedy Space Center for the first time”

Prof. Dr. Tansel explains; “After I started working at the university in 1991, I got a big project on water cleaning. That project was about separating oils from water. We researched a few technologies on that subject. One of them was a work we did to prevent filters from clogging. NASAI have been working with him for 20 years. First time At Kennedy Space Center In the Space Life Sciences Laboratory With 2 summer filters I worked about it. At that time, as much water was put in the vehicles going to space and more than half of the vehicles going into space were filled with water. This was causing a huge difficulty. In order to send people to space, water, especially waste water, had to be used in a rotatable biçim. The amount of water in vehicles sent to space is less than the use in the world. But it was taking up a lot of space inside the spacecraft. Astronauts wastewater is more concentrated than wastewater in the world. Therefore, different technologies are required to purify water. Filters are also required as part of this treatment. Since there is no gravity in space, these filters had to work in a different way. We have done some studies on this subject and we have contributed to making the water rotatable ”.

Separating ammonia from water is the first priority:

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Turkish Professor Prof. Dr. Berrin Tansel Won Award From NASA

Tansel also makes astronauts’ wastewater 40-60 Kat states that she is “more concentrated”. Stating that the technology development area özgü returned here, Tansel said; “This water contains high amounts of nitrogen and ammonia. Ammonia must be separated before the water can be made available. To separate this ammonia NASAA technology özgü been developed and patented in Two years ago, we conducted a research on how we can use such a technology in the world for this project and how we can use it for water cleaning purposes, and that technology is not currently developed for the world, it needs to be developed a little more. We will try to develop this technology in the coming years, we will do experiments. technology quite efficient compared to the methods currently used around the world. If we can improve this, we will be able to create the opportunity to clean wastewater in a better, more efficient way. “ says.

Tansel adds that each project creates new projects and continues as follows; “I have a few projects on hand. All aquatic. We are investigating how water can be used efficiently. Our topic is how we can clean the water for different purposes, faster and cheaper methods; How can we reduce water loss in pipes? We are trying to find out where the water is leaking by listening to the water sounds. Another project is how can we separate oil pollution from water? Especially the oil sorun in the coastal areas causes a lot of water pollution ” he tells.

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Every year only to a person The American Academy of Environmental Engineering and Scientists Science Award given made both Tansel and us very happy.

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Turkish Professor Prof. Dr. Berrin Tansel Won Award From NASA

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