Turkey’s economy set an example for Morocco

The brand new financial improvement program in Morocco has been introduced.

Moroccan Improvement Committee Chairman Shekib Bensumi said on the press convention that they took the brand new financial program as an example from Turkey’s expertise.

In Bensumi’s assertion, “For example, a non-public firm contributes 10 % of the nation’s (Turkey) whole exports. It has greater than 2,000 patents.” stated.


Emphasizing {that a} frequent coverage ought to be carried out between the private and non-private sectors in Morocco, Bensumi targeted on the merchandise exported overseas to be able to contribute to the nation’s economy effectively. ‘Made in Morocco’ said that it ought to be written.

Alternatively, bearing on the vitality fees in Morocco, Bensumi said that the electrical energy worth in Turkey, which doesn’t exceed $0.07, reaches $0.12 per kilowatt-hour within the nation, and this worth is on the identical degree as France.

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