Turkey out of Germany’s ‘high risk’ regions list

With the arrival of summer season, the tourism sector started to revive.

A transfer got here from Germany that can make tourism professionals completely satisfied.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which carries out research within the area of communicable ailments, has up to date the list of dangerous regions it has ready with the Ministries of Well being, Overseas Affairs and Inner Affairs.


Accordingly, since mid-April “excessive danger” Turkey, which is on the list of regions, was faraway from this group, efficient from June 6, with the lower in coronavirus circumstances and “dangerous’ included within the group.

Along with Turkey, Lithuania and Sweden have been faraway from the list of high-risk regions and positioned on the list of dangerous regions. Czechia, Vatican Metropolis, and Italy have been fully faraway from the list of danger zones. Uruguay has been declared a virus variation zone.

Turkey out of Germany's high risk regions list #1

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