Turkey has the slowest internet among OECD countries

Using the internet, which first entered our lives in 1993 after which grew to become an enormous a part of life, elevated significantly with the pandemic interval. Nonetheless, plainly customers in our nation are fairly complaining about their internet velocity.

Based on a research carried out among 35 countries which are members of the Group for Financial and Growth and Cooperation (OECD), Switzerland has the quickest internet connection and Turkey has the slowest internet connection.


Based on the analysis, whereas the common obtain velocity in Switzerland was 186.40 Mbps, this velocity was measured as 28.74 Mbps in Turkey. The add velocity was recorded as 119.63 Mbps in Switzerland and eight.07 Mbps in Turkey.

Denmark is in second place with a median velocity of 179.81 Mbps, and France is in third place with a median of 177.93 Mbps.

In the common add velocity class, South Korea ranked first with 154.70 Mbps, whereas Greece was the nation with the lowest common add velocity with 7.60 Mbps.

Turkey has the slowest internet among OECD countries #1

Based on the analysis carried out by the firm Comparethemarket, whereas an hour of video is downloaded in 2 minutes and 9 seconds in Switzerland, this time will increase to 13 minutes and 55 seconds in Turkey.

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Though Switzerland gives the highest internet velocity, it’s at the prime of the OECD countries when it comes to worth. Internet customers on this nation pay a median of 56.93 euros monthly.


The most cost effective internet connection is in Lithuania, which ranks sixteenth. Subscribers on this nation pay a median of 11 euros monthly for a median obtain velocity of 120.89 Mbps.


  • Switzerland: 186.40
  • Denmark: 179.81
  • France: 177.93
  • Hungary: 69.52
  • USA: 165.88
  • South Korea: 162.40
  • Spain: 160.41
  • Sweden: 188.73
  • Canada: 149.35
  • Norway: 146.53
  • Chile: 140.23
  • Japan: 139.24
  • New Zealand: 138.82
  • Portugal: 131.50
  • Netherlands: 125.82
  • Lithuania: 120.89
  • Germany: 120.13
  • Latvia: 115.22
  • Israel: 113.48
  • Poland: 111.81
  • Finland: 108.84
  • Belgium: 97.32
  • Eire: 93.34
  • Slovakia: 90.65
  • Slovenia: 86.41
  • Britain: 76.49
  • Italy: 75.42
  • Estonia: 74.73
  • Austria: 74.21
  • Czech Republic: 68.72
  • Australia: 58.52
  • Mexico: 42.49
  • Colombia: 40.13
  • Greece: 40.13
  • Turkey: 28.74

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