Turkey and the F-35 review in Greece

Athens worries about Turkey’s rising navy energy.

One in all the indicators of this example is Greece’s efforts to justify itself by making an attempt to assemble assist in the worldwide area, following an aggressive coverage by rejecting Ankara’s requires dialogue in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Greece’s eyes on F-35s

The presence of the Turkish military in the Aegean was interpreted by Greek Navy Officer Alexandros Diakopoulos.

Diakopoulos mentioned shopping for the F-35s would give Greece a “main strategic benefit” over Turkey.

“If Turkey buys 100 F-35s…”

Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis, who met with US President Joe Biden at the White Home, got here to the agenda with the information that he requested F-35 from Washington and pressured Turkey to forestall the sale of F-16s.

“F-35s are stealth and can’t seize radar” mentioned Diakopoulos, “Turkey was the co-producer of F-35 warplanes. In the event that they purchase 100 F-35s, an asymmetrical distribution will emerge in the Aegean.” used the expression.

“Has the second largest military”

Diakopoulos additionally drew consideration to the indisputable fact that Turkey has the second largest military in NATO in phrases of its geographical and geopolitical place in addition to its measurement.

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Turkey and F-35 comment #1 in Greece

Turkey and F-35 comment #2 in Greece

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