Tuna fishing with the thousands of years old ‘almadraba’ method in Spain

Tuna fish getting into the Mediterranean from the Atlantic Ocean are caught by the “almadraba” method, which begins at the finish of February and continues till mid-June.

AA correspondent, who went to sea with a fishing boat in the coastal metropolis of Cartagena in the south of Spain, adopted the hunt for “almadraba”.

They hunt with the web that reaches the backside.

Spanish fisherman Omar Diaz “Almadraba is a big fishing artwork consisting of a web that reaches the backside. It’s the trapping of migrating fish from the ocean in a maze-like web.” mentioned.

Tuna fishing with thousands of years old ‘almadraba’ method in Spain – VIDEO

Essentially the most considerable interval is Might and the first 2 weeks of June.

Explaining that they at all times begin the season on the first Monday of February and exit to sea in line with the climate situations, Diaz mentioned that the most considerable fish are in the first two weeks of Might and June.

Diaz acknowledged {that a} fisherman additionally dived into the sea to see the fish collected in the web and to know the present, and so they checked out the fish species beneath and above the web and picked up them slowly.

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Tuna fishing with thousands of years old almadraba method in Spain #1

“We’re proud to fish with this historic method”

Diaz, who described Almadraba as a really selective fishing species, mentioned:

“It’s a very sustainable kind of fishing in phrases of fishing. It doesn’t hurt the fish. We instantly ship the fish we take again to the sea, and 90-95 % of them proceed to outlive. We can not betray the sea. Fishing with this historic method is a supply of satisfaction for us and at the identical time. a duty.”

Tuna fishing with the thousands of years old almadraba method in Spain #2

In Arabic, it means “the place the place he was shot”.

The fishing method known as “almadraba”, which began in the Mediterranean in the second century, is practiced in Sicily and Sardinia in Italy, Algarve in Portugal, Murcia and Andalusia in Spain, and Tanger in Morocco.

“Almadraba”, which has its origin in Arabic, means “the place the place it was shot”.

Tuna fishing with the thousands of years old almadraba method in Spain #3

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