Train bus cut down in Sweden

Early in the morning close to Gothenburg, Sweden, a prepare crashed right into a bus stopping at a degree crossing on the railway between the cities of Lillhagen and Gunnestorp.

The truth that the bus was empty on the time of the accident prevented the catastrophe, and it was reported that there have been about 50 passengers on the prepare. It was reported that the bus driver left the bus seconds earlier than the accident.

Train bus cut in Sweden WATCH


Swedish police said that there have been no severe accidents in the accident. “Three folks have been taken to a well being middle for minor accidents.” used his statements.

The police additionally “We’re investigating whether or not there was negligence in the accident. At the moment, nobody is suspected of any crime.” used his statements.

Whereas the prepare was derailed because of the accident, the crews struggled for a very long time to save lots of the prepare. The bus was transferred to a different area for technical inspection.

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