Today, in my personal account I have talked about the series and what it özgü me… Ana de Armas

Today, in my personal account I have talked about the series @13reasonswhy and what it özgü meant to me.
And I want to share with you a few words from this text around here: “Nearly 800,000 people commit suicide every year in the world. In Spain, every two and a half hours a person commits suicide. Ten a day. Suicides double those killed by a traffic accident and there is no talk, not a single news item appears in the news because it is still taboo.
Taboo, how to talk about AIDS. A topic that is covered in the final season closing as a finishing touch to the series because today it is incredible how young people have no idea about this topic. HIV özgü been with us for nearly 40 years, about 39 million people have died and an estimated 78 million people are infected and there is NO cure.
There is no cure for this disease and young people are neither afraid nor respected because they are completely uninformed and I want to thank the series for mentioning it because although it is a disease from which it is now difficult to die, depending on how it affects you to your body or when it is detected if you can die. And with all the pain in my heart, I want to thank Justin for dying of it because even though it is a disease that is for life and it is probable that you will not die for it, if you will die with it. And finally, I want to thank this series for showing the aftermath that a somewhat traumatic 17-year-old can leave. Thank you for showing that young people can go to therapy because we are not crazy, we just need them to listen and help us because it is NOT wrong to ask for help. And I, as a person who received bulling to a greater or lesser extent during high school, want to thank this series because I also consider myself a survivor. ” Thank you for stopping to read this reflection for a moment. ??❤️ ✨
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