Tips to be stylish and trendy in summer

We have compiled the necessary tips to dress stylishly and trendy in summer for you in our news.

Tips to be stylish and trendy in summer

Wide clothing with natural, breathable fabric options for the summer season; Practical elegance with glowing and elegant options specific to upcoming summer weddings, bones that are comfortable to use at any time of the day …
Here are the conservative clothing trends and collections that will mark this summer:

Elegant and stylish women collection

Refka’s spring-summer collection consists of pieces that reflect a woman’s day. Every piece an elegant and stylish woman will need during the day, on the street, in social life, in meetings and afterwards will be in this collection.

Respecting nature

Rabia Z, one of the famous designers of the modest and hijab clothing world, addresses the theme of sustainability in this special collection. The clothes, all of which are designed with natural and breathable materials that respect our world, create a comfortable and comfortable feeling with both texture and posture.

All the details in one collection

Summer is also a wedding and wedding season. The new season collection has been prepared to meet all the needs of prospective brides. Lace and satin fabrics stand out in the 190-piece collection. Using romantic and bohemian styles together and attracting charm and purity, the collection will bring special moments to a magical atmosphere.

Young, trendy, colorful!

Halima Aden’s first turban and turban collection, which consists of specially designed patterns and fabrics prepared only for Moda, appeals to all styles. “I want to bring together all women in the world with my collection on a common ground,” says Halima Aden.

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