Tips to avoid heatstroke

The summer time season, which comes with excessive temperatures, forces us to take measures to maintain our our bodies wholesome. The World Well being Group (WHO) warns that well being dangers, in addition to the results related to publicity to the solar and excessive environmental temperatures, are growing this season.

Warmth stroke is outlined as a rise in physique temperature (above 39.4 to 41ºC) due to extended solar publicity or train in sizzling or poorly ventilated environments, leading to lack of water and salt from the physique.

Heatstroke just isn’t trivial. It’s a very severe situation that may happen due to excessive temperatures and might lead to direct demise. The physique can’t regulate its quickly growing temperature andto ºC can attain. Organs such because the kidney, liver, or pancreas might collapse. Due to this fact, it’s an emergency that requires quick medical consideration. Name 911 in the event you suspect you or another person is affected by warmth stroke.


Within the case of heatstroke, the person has issue regulating their physique temperature via standard mechanisms (eg: sweating) and a thermal imbalance happens that requires quick medical consideration.

Physique warmth can’t dissipate and accumulates, which damages physique tissues. It’s a severe, life-threatening medical situation, and signs might seem after publicity to excessive temperatures or a number of days later.

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The commonest signs are:

– Physique temperature greater than 39ºC (measured below the armpit),

– Extreme sweating adopted by lack of sweating,

– Crimson and dry pores and skin,

– Quick coronary heart charge and pulse,

– tiredness or weak point,

– dizziness or fainting, confusion, issue understanding or expressing speech, hallucinations and/or lack of consciousness,

– Abdomen ache, lack of urge for food, nausea or vomiting,

– Headache (throbbing or tightness)

– Shortness of breath and issue in respiratory,

– Uncommon sleepiness and/or aggression.

Everyone seems to be prone to getting warmth stroke, however particular care ought to be taken with the extra weak teams:

– Infants and particularly kids below 5 years previous,

– Infants who’ve a fever or diarrhea from different causes,

– Youngsters with malnutrition,

– {People} with persistent illnesses (kidney or neurological illness) and coronary heart illness,

– Individuals with bodily or psychological disabilities,

– Employees who’re excessively uncovered to the solar or sizzling environments (instance: agricultural employees),

– {People} of superior age,

– Vacationers touring from very chilly areas to heat nations.

Tips #2 to avoid heatstroke


Heatstroke is a situation that may be deadly, so we should act rapidly, attempting to decrease the physique temperature of the affected individual as rapidly as attainable. For this we’ll do the next:

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– Emergency assist ought to be requested from 112.

– The individual ought to be moved to a cool place, within the shade.

– The individual ought to be cooled. Moist garments, apply ice water compresses, take a bathe with chilly water, wrap in a moist sheet and fan to cool the individual.

– If the individual is acutely aware, loads of water ought to be drunk.

Tips to avoid heatstroke #3


In the summertime months when temperatures are excessive, it’s vital to take the next precautions to forestall warmth stroke:

– Ingesting loads of water continuously and with out ready for thirst.

– Not consuming alcoholic drinks.

– Not consuming an excessive amount of caffeinated or high-sugar drinks. As a result of they trigger fluid loss. Additionally it is not really helpful to drink very chilly or extremely popular liquids.

– Don’t devour excessively sizzling meals. Prioritize the consumption of chilly salads, greens and greens, in addition to summer time fruits comparable to watermelon and melon, that are very wealthy in water and minerals.

– If attainable, don’t exit through the hottest hours. Favor cool, shaded or air-conditioned places.

– Don’t train when the climate could be very sizzling. Keep outdoor through the hottest hours of the day (12 to 17 pm).

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– Put on mild, unfastened and breathable clothes comparable to cotton. It’s extremely really helpful to cowl your head with a hat on the road.

– Don’t spend an excessive amount of time on sun-drenched facades at residence.

– Feed infants extra typically, give them protected and clear water, gown them in mild garments and lay them uncovered, and bathe them extra typically.

– Provide calmer video games to kids.

– Avoid being in a automobile parked within the solar for a very long time.

– Don’t depart an individual (particularly kids, the aged and chronically in poor health) or a pet within the automobile within the solar or with the home windows closed in summer time. In these conditions, the car can attain very harmful temperatures.

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