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Dermatology Specialist, Dr. Dr. Nilsu Salih mentioned that with the onset of summer time, the significance of the solar by way of immunity and healthy life has elevated much more.

We like to spend time beneath the solar to retailer vitamin D and tan in the summertime. Nevertheless, we have to be taught to guard ourselves from dangerous elements whereas sunbathing. Medicana Camlica Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. Nilsu Salih underlined that sunbathing is necessary for a healthy physique and immune system, however the dangerous results of the solar shouldn’t be forgotten. exp. Dr. Salih mentioned that the solar, which is the supply of life for all dwelling issues, has advantages by way of strengthening immunity, bone well being, vitality storage of the physique, offering assist for the nutritional vitamins that the physique wants, in addition to opposed results similar to warmth stroke, pores and skin burns, publicity to carcinogenic rays when not used fastidiously and in a managed method. He additionally mentioned why.

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Stating that they divide pores and skin sorts into six classes, Uzm. Dr. Saleh, “{People} who we name pores and skin sort one and two from mild to darkish have mild eyes and blond hair. These with very mild pores and skin are very delicate to solar rays and they’re severely affected by the solar. Critical sunburns are seen once they keep beneath the solar for greater than a sure time period. {People} with these two pores and skin sorts usually are not prone to get tanned. The group we name pores and skin sort three has hazel and inexperienced eyes, and so they even have mild pores and skin, they turn into blonde and auburn. When they’re beneath the solar for a very long time, they’re additionally uncovered to pores and skin burns. Nevertheless, appropriate sunscreen and there’s a risk of tanning with protecting measures. The group we name pores and skin sort 4 is individuals with brown eyes, darkish hair and darkish pores and skin. Like all individuals, staying beneath the solar for a very long time carries a threat by way of pores and skin and physique well being. They’ll tan. The group whose pores and skin sort is decided as 5 and 6 they arrive from the Latin race anyway and the solar They dwell in areas the place the consequences of the virus final lengthy. Because of this, their pores and skin is much less affected by the solar and the time they’re beneath the solar might change. used the phrases.

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Saying that individuals want the solar, Dr. Dr. Saleh, “Each individual wants solar and sunbathing. Nevertheless, opposite to standard perception, this isn’t to remain beneath the solar for hours. It’s sufficient for areas similar to fingers, face, legs and arms to be uncovered to the solar for 10 minutes a day. Along with the advantages of daylight for pores and skin well being; To supply vitamin D synthesis, It has necessary advantages similar to enhancing bone well being, strengthening the immune system, defending mind well being, eradicating extra fats from the physique and strengthening tooth.The solar meets 90 p.c of the physique’s want for vitamin D and vitamin D is essential for bone well being.Making good use of the solar’s rays If you wish to, you need to first use a high-factor sunscreen cream appropriate for your pores and skin sort and sunbathing time, take note of your food regimen and put on applicable clothes.You must use sunscreen cream even if you’re carrying skinny, light-colored, cotton garments whereas benefiting from daylight.Within the solar and in scorching climate, you need to use sunscreen. and the impact of sweating You must drink fluids to keep away from getting warmth stroke. For efficient solar safety, you need to renew your sunscreen cream each 4 hours. For sunbathing, you need to select between 10.00 and 10.30 within the morning and between 16.00-17.00 within the afternoon. You must also use sunscreen lotions in cloudy climate to guard your self from ultraviolet rays. You must put on a wide-brimmed hat and sun shades to guard your eyes from warmth stroke and the solar.” used the phrases.

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Saying that there is no such thing as a distinction within the period of solar publicity relying on the age group, Uzm. Dr. Saleh, “Nevertheless, it’s essential to be extra cautious, particularly contemplating the sensitivities of youngsters. As a result of child and baby skins are far more delicate and unprotected by way of sunburn.” he mentioned.

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Underlining that sunscreens containing safety issue have constructive results on safety, Uzm. Dr. Saleh, “Nevertheless, it isn’t sufficient alone. It isn’t potential to supply safety with solely these lotions. As a result of solar rays have an effect on not solely our uncovered areas, but in addition the elements of our physique which can be beneath the material. Subsequently, it’s essential to assist solar safety with wide-brimmed hats, sun shades, cotton and free clothes. ” mentioned.

Stating that the detrimental results of protecting lotions on the pores and skin might be seen every now and then, Uzm. Dr. Nilsu Salih, “There are two forms of cream teams as lotions that present chemical and bodily safety. The supplies utilized in people who present bodily safety have a low threat of inflicting a response. Nevertheless, chemical preservatives might trigger some reactions on the pores and skin. Sadly, some solar merchandise include perfumes or merchandise with some unintended effects. It’s helpful to keep away from them. There are merchandise available on the market that forestall the A and B (UVA-UVB) elements of ultraviolet, which have each bodily and chemical protecting properties. A product might be most popular, 30 and 30+, offered that they don’t include fragrance.” made statements.

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Offering details about the precautions that may be taken for sunspots, Dr. Dr. Nilsu Salih, “There are numerous forms of sunspots. The therapy methodology is decided in line with the traits of every spot. Nevertheless, the widespread characteristic in all of them is using solar safety lotions and lotions. It shouldn’t be forgotten that these spots might be harmful, and a specialist ought to be consulted for their therapy. We must always continuously test our pores and skin and in case of a potential change, a specialist ought to undoubtedly be consulted. We must always seek the advice of a physician.” mentioned.

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