Tips for doing sports in the summer

The readings on the thermometers are rising daily. Going out or going outdoors when temperatures are risingwith out the lime It’s getting more durable to be indoors, however most significantly, doing sports open air may even pose a well being drawback for some folks.

So, is it potential to train safely in scorching climate? Dehydration, exhaustion, dizziness, warmth stroke… These are a few of the issues we might encounter if we play sports outdoors with out taking any precautions. On scorching days, we must always not go away our sports routines apart, what we must always do is; altering some habits.


When errors are made, comparable to operating in excessive temperatures, in the solar, with out ingesting sufficient water, it’s harder for our physique to manage itself and warns us that one thing is improper.

Signs that we must always cease instantly are:

– Extreme lack of productiveness,

– Dizziness and lack of stability,

– cramps (sharp ache in the legs or stomach),

– enhance in pores and skin temperature (the physique can attain 39-40º and might be life-threatening),

– Headache,

– lack of energy,

– Exhaustion,

– Feeling extraordinarily thirsty.

Hold in thoughts that these signs can happen each whereas exercising and some minutes after you end.

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To deal with these signs, instantly cease sports actions, drink water, lie down and lift your legs when you discover dizziness, therapeutic massage the affected muscle groups in case of cramps and take a bathe with heat or cool water.

Take note of espresso consumption, particularly earlier than sports. There are individuals who mistakenly imagine that ingesting espresso helps as a result of it will increase the coronary heart fee, however it’s not advisable earlier than train as caffeine will increase water excretion from the physique.

Excessive temperatures can pose very severe dangers to sports purposes. Issues comparable to lack of consciousness, warmth stroke, dehydration, numbness in the extremities and exhaustion might happen. There are conditions that require immediate medical consideration. These are typically a headache that develops after sports, a really excessive physique temperature that doesn’t fall, extreme muscle spasms, a really robust fatigue and an extreme want to sleep.

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In the summer warmth, we are able to all be dehydrated. However the most susceptible folks in this regard are the aged, youngsters, pregnant ladies, and in addition athletes. The rationale why those that do sports are included in the group of those that are extra vulnerable to thirst is that the quantity of fluid we lose by sweat will increase in summer and this loss is even better if we do intense bodily exercise.

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The principle drawback related to extreme dehydration (dehydration) is that it may possibly impair our kidney perform, which may result in coronary heart issues and life-threatening issues. Underneath regular circumstances, we must always drink 2 to three liters of water a day, even when we aren’t thirsty. If we’re going to do sports, the best factor is to offer a fluid quantity adjusted to our wants earlier than, throughout and after sports and eat it in small sips.

To forestall dehydration, it is suggested to drink roughly 200 ml – 400 ml of water instantly earlier than and each 20-Half-hour throughout train.

You should select the greatest time for the setting in which you might be doing the train, as it’s not the identical factor to do sports in the sea, in the water, in excessive locations or in the park. As a basic rule, nevertheless, the best is to keep away from the central hours of the day when the highest temperatures are skilled. Consultants suggest exercising in the early morning or late night, when potential, the place you can be much less uncovered to sunstroke. Basically, it is suggested to do bodily exercise outdoors the timeframe between 12:00 and 17:00.

At the moment of 12 months, the alternative of sportswear turns into much more necessary as a result of the warmth makes us sweat extra. Subsequently, it is suggested to decide on well-breathing and light-weight clothes. Likewise, we should select our footwear accurately. Making use of sunscreen can be essential towards the warmth. You must defend your self from the solar with a light-weight, sweat-resistant cream, particularly on the face and arms.

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Along with taking these precautions, it is very important seek the advice of a health care provider in case of any suspicious signs comparable to chest ache, greater than common tiredness, palpitations, dizziness or lack of consciousness.

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