Tips for correct brushing

Stating that the important thing level in oral and dental well being is to carry out oral care at dwelling with the fitting strategies and on the proper time, and to go to the dentist often. Gum Illness Specialist Dr.Gülin Tulu Ground, He said that the meals we eat through the day causes issues reminiscent of caries and gingival infections by staying within the cavities and cavities on the tooth, within the interdental areas and within the gingiva for a very long time, creating an appropriate atmosphere for the vitamin and proliferation of micro organism.

Expressing that one of the simplest ways to stop that is to take away meals residues successfully, Uzm. Dr. He reminded that toothbrush, dental floss, interface brush and mouthwash are needed, ample and easy-to-reach instruments to keep up day by day oral hygiene and gave tricks to defend oral and dental well being.


Correct brushing begins with selecting a toothbrush appropriate for our mouth, which may enter tough and slim areas such because the again tooth. It’s most popular that the pinnacle of the toothbrush is roughly the width of our 2 tooth. Brushes with very mushy bristles might not be efficient sufficient to take away residues, whereas brushes with very exhausting bristles can irritate our tooth and gums. The purpose right here is each to scrub successfully and to not injury the tissues.

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Gentle toothbrushes could also be most popular in particular circumstances reminiscent of sensitivity, gingival recession, surgical operations or mouth sores. Tooth must be brushed with the gums downwards within the higher jaw and upwards within the decrease jaw, that’s, all the time from the gum to the tooth, in round motions. When eradicating meals residues from the areas the place they’re caught, care must be taken to not push them into the gingiva, and to not brush by urgent with horizontal actions, which is able to trigger the tooth to put on and the gums to recede.

The obsessive cleansing and brushing habits seen in some people can typically end in tooth put on and recession within the gums as a consequence of brushing too typically and utilizing an excessive amount of power. Equally, frequent and careless use of toothpicks and misuse of fashionable and sensible units reminiscent of mouthwash may also be dangerous.

If the mouthwash will not be used accurately, it might trigger the gums to enter into the gums and weaken the connection of the gums with the tooth, whereas eradicating the residues by giving pressurized water. You will need to take time to brush our tooth fastidiously, particularly earlier than going to mattress at night time. Though it’s tough to do that on the most drained time of the day, an atmosphere the place our mouth is closed and airless all night time lengthy and there’s no circulation is a really advantageous place for micro organism to multiply. Brushing, utilizing dental floss-interface brush, and gargling earlier than going to mattress at night time are crucial steps in sustaining oral well being. Once we get up within the morning, we are able to preserve micro organism and residues away from our tooth for many of the day by gargling once more and brushing our tooth after breakfast.

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In infants, it might be useful to wipe the tooth by wetting a clear gauze pad within the 6-8 month interval when the primary tooth seem. Because the variety of tooth will increase, it is rather essential to modify to mushy toothbrushes and to provide the kid the behavior of brushing over time. It’s supreme for tooth brushing to be executed by the dad and mom till the age of 4-5 and below the supervision of the dad and mom between the ages of 5-9.

A toothpaste made for kids can be utilized as a lot as a grain of rice or only a skinny layer of swab as much as 3 years previous, and as a pea seed after 3 years of age. Skinny interface brushes and floss between adjoining tooth are needed for gaping tooth, in addition to in adults. Ingesting water after meals and snack instances additionally helps forestall cavities.

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