Things to know about breast formation in men

Kiss. Dr. Diren Çelik defined that breast issues in men could be handled with surgical procedure. How is gynecomastia, breast formation in men handled? How to remedy the breast downside in men? Here’s what you want to know about gynecomastia, breast issues in men


Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical procedure Specialist Op. Dr. Diren Çelik said that breast formation known as gynecomastia could be seen in men after puberty or in circumstances similar to weight acquire and loss, “Whereas a dense tissue is seen principally from the breast mass after puberty, fats tissue predominance is seen in obese sufferers.


It’s the technique to be used that must be determined first. Surgical elimination of this tissue (subcutaneous mastectomy) is required in sufferers with predominant breast mass. If the adipose tissue is dominant, solely laser liposuction might be enough.


Stating that water, meals and smoking shouldn’t be used for six hours earlier than the operation, Çelik stated, “On the time of the operation, the affected person is lowered into the working room with the consolation of the drugs in his mattress and the operation is accomplished underneath normal anesthesia.


Subcutaneous mastectomy is carried out with a half-moon incision made on the decrease border of the nipple and all breast tissue is eliminated in this manner. Drains are positioned for each breasts.


For laser liposuction, two holes are used for every breast and after the fats is pulled out, the pores and skin is tightened with the assistance of laser.


Whether it is seen that there’s breast tissue left behind, this breast tissue is pulled out with the assistance of a 1-2 cm incision from the decrease border of the nipple.


Noting that it’s attainable to be discharged from the hospital 4-6 hours after the operation, Çelik stated, “After the operation, ache can not often be seen, and these are stopped with the assistance of painkillers.


The corset in the type of an athlete, which is dressed on the finish of the surgical procedure, must be used for 1 month. It would take about 2 months for the chest space to totally take form.

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