Things to consider when consuming sacrificial meat

Acutely aware consumption of the meat slaughtered throughout Eid al-Adha and storing it underneath acceptable situations is essential. Istanbul Esenyurt College College of Well being Sciences Appearing Dean Prof. Dr. Canan Hecer mentioned that after slaughter, the meat must be packaged in accordance to the quantity of use for every meal and cooled at +4 levels till the hardness of demise is handed. prof. Dr. Canan Hecer acknowledged that it’s potential to retailer roasted meat underneath appropriate situations for one 12 months.


Stating that the primary change seen in contemporary meat after slaughter is hardness of demise, Hecer mentioned, “Relying on the ambient temperature after slaughter, demise stiffness often begins throughout the first quarter-hour and all of the muscle tissue contract and the joints develop into inflexible. Within the case of demise hardness, the meat, though contemporary, has a particular rubbery consistency, dry and flavorless. Such meats usually are not crispy and don’t give taste when cooked. “It’s troublesome to course of, not cooked effectively. It additionally causes issues comparable to bloating and indigestion within the abdomen.” mentioned.

Referring to the meat storage situations, Hecer mentioned, “Maturation is outlined as a sequence of enzymatic reactions to dissolve the hardness of the meat and acquire the crispness, aroma and taste desired by the buyer. For that reason, meat must be consumed after 12 hours of maturity. Ripe meats are extra simply processed, simply cooked, crispy and scrumptious. Contemporary meat retains its freshness within the fridge for per week with out spoiling. This era is often three days for floor beef. It may be packaged in appropriate sizes and saved within the freezer for one month, and after freezing, it may be saved at -18C for six months. Meat taken out of the freezer for cooking must be lowered to the decrease cabinets of the fridge and thawed, thawed meat must be cooked instantly and never refrozen.” he spoke

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Stating that meat could be preserved by pickling with salt, Hecer mentioned, “One other manner of storing meat is roasting. Roasted meat could be saved for one 12 months underneath appropriate situations. Storing meat for an extended time frame causes spoilage, decreased dietary worth, and lack of taste and aroma. The rumen and intestines must be evaluated after they’ve been cleaned very effectively. Since offal spoils in a short time, it must be consumed in a short while.” he mentioned.

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Hecer mentioned that so as to have a wholesome vacation, consideration must be paid to the cooking technique of meat. “As a cooking technique; strategies comparable to boiling, baking and grilling must be most well-liked, and frying and roasting strategies must be prevented. If the meat shall be barbecued; Care must be taken that it doesn’t develop into charred in order that it isn’t carcinogenic. Grilled meats shouldn’t be stored at room temperature and underneath the solar for a very long time. made suggestions.

Hecer additionally acknowledged that it is crucial to devour greens wealthy in vitamin C or with salad so as to profit from the iron in meat at a better fee. “Vitamin C in greens will increase the absorption of iron in meat. It additionally permits us to get the vitamin C that meat lacks.” he ended his speech.

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