Things to consider when choosing drinking water

On daily basis we want to devour sufficient water to meet the wants of our physique. On this context, it’s important that the water consumed is of fine high quality and wholesome. Specialists state that the water we devour needs to be colorless, clear, sediment-free and odorless, in addition to being clear when it comes to micro organism, freed from poisonous substances, and the minerals it incorporates chemically mustn’t exceed the required limits. Beykent College College of Well being Sciences Division of Vitamin and Dietetics Res. See. Eda Balcı additionally gave details about wholesome water and its significance.


Dietitian Eda Balci, “Wholesome water doesn’t comprise ammonia and nitrite” He continued his phrases as follows; “The presence of those substances is a sign that the water is contaminated. The presence of nitrates within the water means extraordinarily polluted water. These substances in drinking water are harmful. It poses extra hazard, particularly for youngsters.” stated.

Emphasizing that the hardness of water is an element that determines its high quality, Dietitian Eda Balcı stated, “Onerous water is more healthy water. However onerous water is just a little tougher to drink. French Hardness (FSD) is used as a unit of hardness for water in Turkey. Accordingly, the diploma of hardness fashioned by 10 milligrams of calcium carbonate in 1 liter of water is outlined as 1. One other issue that determines the standard of water is the pH of the water. Ph 7 is taken into account impartial. If the pH of the water is between 7.2-8.5, it implies that it’s more healthy for the physique. conveyed the data.

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Eda Balcı additionally talked about the place the water is saved and underlined that the perfect, wholesome storage is with a glass bottle. Reminding that polycarbonate and plastic bottles are largely most popular for ease of use and transportation, Balcı steered that if water is bought in these bottles, it needs to be poured right into a glass bottle when utilizing it at dwelling.

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Balcı stated {that a} appropriate and good water needs to be spring water and expressed the rationale for this with the next phrases: “Water carries the minerals underneath the bottom to us from underground. On this approach, water not solely meets our fluid wants, but in addition offers many advantages to our physique with the minerals it incorporates. Pure spring waters and pure mineral waters comprise components reminiscent of calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium and iron.

Emphasizing that processed waters can’t exchange spring water, Balcı stated, ‘‘Opposite to spring waters, processed waters are drinking waters whose construction has been modified by numerous strategies and which have been added with mineral dietary supplements and sweeteners. For the reason that waters produced on this approach are interfered with, they don’t have the identical traits as pure spring waters. As a result of water that’s filtered after which mineral additive is synthetic and doesn’t exchange pure pure spring water. completed his phrases.

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