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social media that the company’s representatives in Turkey must open a new phase of their key applications. Data and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) has been in contact with companies for a long time. Feysbuk, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest hardly took a step forward. In the first phase of the sanctions, companies that did not agree to open a representative office were fined a total of 30 million lira, each of which was 40 million lira. The penalties were delivered to the global addresses of the companies. According to the law, the third stage of the sanctions will be announced on Tuesday, January 19, provided that the commencement period of the advertising ban expires. Companies related to this date refused to open a representative office in Turkey, history is no longer receive advertising in Turkey.
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If the obligation is not fulfilled within 3 months from the date on which the ad-blocking decision was made, a peace penalty clause may be applied to “restrict the web traffic bandwidth of the social network provider”. Following the judge’s decision to accept the request, if the obligation is not fulfilled within 30 days, BTK will be able to apply to reduce the bandwidth of the web traffic of the social media company by 90 percent. At this stage, even after an average of 5 months if they agree to open a representative office in Turkey will be exempted from the sanctions until the 75 percent that day.

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Joined LINKEDIN yesterday

So far TikTok YouTube, Dailymotion and Russian social media company VKontakte (VK) has agreed to open a representative office in Turkey. Finally, LinkedIn announced yesterday that it will appoint a representative to our country. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey Delegation that Address Social Media Giant “We accept that no company is above the law. We forced the social media companies to have representative offices in our country. Otherwise, Turkey will continue to protect the rights of citizens. . “

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