These symptoms indicate the disease

The slightest problem in the body warns its owner of any symptoms.

Unfortunately, many people ignore these signs. Therefore, these small health problems lead to serious diseases if not eliminated. provides information about the symptoms of the disease in your body:

1. Frequent cracks on the lips, frequent distractions, increased hair loss is a serious signal of an acute deficiency of vitamin B2 in the body. To overcome this and restore the disturbed vitamin balance, the diet should include dairy products, eggs, peaches, pears, tomatoes and cauliflower.

2. If you have dry mouth, it means that your body does not have enough vitamin B3. Eat beef and nuts to provide the body with this vitamin.

3. If nosebleeds occur frequently, blood pressure should be checked first. If the blood pressure is normal, it means that the body needs vitamin K. You can use cabbage, spinach and nettles to provide this vitamin.

4. If a normal wound in the body takes a long time to heal, it means that there is a zinc deficiency in the body. Seafood can easily solve this problem.

5. If the skin is peeling, eat products rich in vitamin A.

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