There’s A New Trailer For “Black Widow,” And It’s Equal Parts Action And Sadness

Nat is the mother buddy, confirmed.

Y’all, I DID NOT get up this morning anticipating to be blessed repeatedly by the film trailer god — and but, right here we’re! When the god of film trailers offers, she offers with BOTH HANDS!

What the heck am I speaking about, you ask? Effectively, we simply acquired a brand-spankin’-new trailer for the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Black Widow spinoff movie, and THE GOOSEBUMPS I HAVE, YOU ALL. SO MANY GOOSEBUMPS. ONE MIGHT SAY TOO MANY GOOSEBUMPS. WHY AM I YELLING?! Okay, simply watch it:

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Marvel Studios

That is the primary official new trailer we have acquired for the movie since LAST YEAR*, and it offers us some new footage…and did I point out it additionally offers me GOOSEBUMPS?!

The trailer begins with some flashbacks of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) throughout her time with the Avengers as a voiceover assures us that she hasn’t all the time been on the heroic aspect of issues.

Then we get slightly extra of Nat’s sister/buddy/coworker, Yelena (Florence Pugh), whom I am already means too connected to, which isn’t sensible as a result of Marvel loves to interrupt my coronary heart:

We additionally get to see slightly extra of Crimson Guardian (David Harbour) and his relationship with Nat and Yelena, and it is clear he is a fairly critical father determine to our women:

And, after all, there’s extra of our primary antagonist, Taskmaster, who appears ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. My dude’s simply out right here, casually defying the legal guidelines of physics. He appears so OP, it is wild. Winter Soldier WHO? Thanos WHAT? Gamora WHY?

Marvel Studios

Sorry, I could not resist.

However even with all of that, a very powerful new bit of information we get from this trailer is, it is confirmed that Natasha is, the truth is, the “mother buddy” of her group — in case anybody had any doubt:

So, yeah, there ya have it! Make sure you catch Black Widow when it hits theaters (or, alternatively, order it on Disney+) July 9! Till then, catch me crying over this trailer! Okay, bye now!

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