The world’s strongest natural antibiotic: Udi turkey

The coronavirus, which affected the entire world, precipitated the loss of life of greater than 18 thousand individuals in Turkey. Residents are on the lookout for methods to guard themselves naturally in opposition to the coronavirus, which is understood to be efficient principally in individuals with persistent illnesses and weak immune techniques.


‘Udi turkey’, which is among the many meals that strengthen the immune system, is efficient within the therapy of many illnesses, from respiratory illnesses to most cancers, if used repeatedly and appropriately.

As a result of it strengthens the immune system and will increase the physique’s resistance in opposition to illnesses, it has turn out to be a favourite product of turkey herbalists, which additionally has a protecting impact in opposition to coronavirus.

The world's strongest natural antibiotic: Udi turkey #1


Oud turkey, which is of Asian origin and has a woody construction, can be used within the cosmetics sector, however principally its oil and powder are consumed. Vedat Kavruk, who acknowledged that udi turkey is sweet for a lot of illnesses apart from strengthening the immune system, mentioned, “Udi turkey is the strongest antibiotic on the face of the earth. It’s germ-breaking. It ensures the removing of irritation and infections from the physique. It’s efficient within the therapy of pores and skin illnesses equivalent to pores and skin burns, cuts, insect bites and eczema. It’s good for sore throats. It’s a supply of antioxidants, enabling the physique to be purified from toxins. It fights most cancers cells. It cleans the blood and protects cardiovascular well being. It’s good for abdomen ache. It dissolves gall and kidney stones. It accelerates the therapy course of in illnesses attributable to seasonal causes equivalent to flu and chilly. It’s good for nasal congestion, opens the respiratory tract. It reduces stress, relieves fatigue. Along with all these, most significantly, oud turkey, which is understood to strengthen the immune system and enhance physique power, is efficient in defending us from the Corona virus, which has turn out to be our fearful dream these days. mentioned.

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The world's strongest natural antibiotic: Udi turkey #2

1 dessertspoon a day is sufficient

Noting that consuming 1 teaspoon of udi turkey powder blended with honey or molasses or with heat water within the morning on an empty abdomen will profit the physique, Kavruk continued his phrases as follows:

The world's strongest natural antibiotic: Udi turkey #3


“We should always not overlook that they’re for medication and an excessive amount of can do extra hurt than good.” He added that the oil of lute turkey is in demand in addition to its powder, and that lute turkey is bought for 250 liras per kilogram.

The world's strongest natural antibiotic: Udi turkey #4


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