The world’s smallest dinosaur egg belongs to a lizard

Researchers on the College of Tsukuba and the Museum of Humanities and Nature in Japan final yr He had unearthed a fossil in Tamba metropolis of Hyogo province.

The researchers introduced that the egg fossil, geochronologically discovered within the earth’s layer of the early Cretaceous interval a hundred million years in the past, belonged to the smallest dinosaur on the planet.


One other fossil with the identical traits because the fossil beforehand present in Japan was present in a completely different a part of Myanmar. As a result of the fossil was higher preserved, scientists decided that it was a lizard, not a dinosaur.

The first fossil, thought to be a dinosaur final yr, contained solely the cranium of the animal, and this cranium was additionally struck. Because of this, the animal’s snout resembled a beak, and researchers thought it belonged to the dinosaur species.

The second fossil, of the identical age however in higher situation, contained a part of the lizard’s skeleton, together with its cranium. The scales and comfortable tissue of the animal had been additionally preserved.

Co-author of the examine, herpetologist Juan Diego Daza at Sam Houston State College in Texas, We estimate that many lizards appeared throughout that point. Nonetheless, they nonetheless had not achieved their trendy look. So scientists could have a exhausting time determining what these fossils are.” stated.

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