The World May Have More Than 4 Layers

(4)The World May Have More Than 4 Layers. It özgü been discovered that the Earth özgü much more than the 4 main layers known to have. Scientists, who followed the paths of seismic waves with a special algorithm, discovered that there was 54 degrees of deviation.

The reason for this deviation may be due to the different structure of the iron element in the inner core.

As the earth is taught in science lessons (*4*)From 4 main layers occurs. These layers are from outside to inside, in the biçim of crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. However, this information will be (*4*)can change looks like. Because a group of scientists özgü found that inside the inner nuclear layer, one or more(*4*) inner core layer they think it might be.

Geophysicist working at the Australian National University (*4*)Joanne StephensonWorld-related textbooks (*4*)May require rewriting announced that they had acquired the level of knowledge. In this context, a special purpose is to evaluate the data collected by the International Seismology Center over the years. (*4*)algorithm The scientists who developed it were able to examine the paths followed by seismic waves traveling from one end of the Earth to the other. This review contains remarkable details.

(*4*)According to the findings obtained, the differences in seismic wave paths are as follows

Scientists who accept the Earth’s rotation axis as the beginning, (*4*)in seismic wave paths They found that there was 54 degrees of deviation. Although this deviation did not show much for the inner core, it was significant in the outer core. Stephenson says this is known to be located in the inner core. (*4*)of the iron element He says it may be due to the difference in its structure. If this difference can be proved, we will start to talk that the Earth özgü another inner core.

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The reason for the deviation in the path of seismic waves is, for now, exactly (*4*)could not be understood. Stating that this is a puzzle, Stephenson said that they completed one more piece of the puzzle with their determination, and that this piece had much more information. (*4*)to be discovered expresses that it can provide. Experts continue to work on this exciting knowledge.


The World May Have More Than 4 Layers

(*4*)More News:

(*4*)The Excessive Decline in Oxygen Level Determined the Remaining Life of the Earth

(*4*)Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, because it won’t take too long.

Researchers from Japan and the USA have modeled how our planet’s atmosphere will change in light of various biological, climatic and geological processes.

Deoxygenation will occur as a result of increased energy flow from the Sun, increased surface temperatures and decreased photosynthesis.


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