The silent killer of the body: Hypertension

Hypertension, which might present itself with signs equivalent to headache, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, flushing, palpitations, weak point, tinnitus, drowsiness, chest ache, imaginative and prescient issues, blood in the urine, may cause critical issues if not managed. Inner Medication Specialist Dr. Özkan Akyol identified that hypertension, which is described as the silent killer of the physique on account of the danger of sudden loss of life, can live on for years with out inflicting any signs in individuals.


Noting that prime and/or diastolic blood stress is larger than regular in hypertension, Dr. Dr. Ozkan Akyol, “Hypertension might not trigger any signs in some individuals and will not intrude with the individual’s every day life. The affected person can proceed his life with out figuring out that he has a hypertension drawback for a few years. Hypertension; It is usually often called the ‘silent killer enemy’ as a result of of the injury it could actually trigger to the kidney, mind, coronary heart and vascular system with out signs for a very long time. As a result of hypertension, occlusion, enlargement or rupture of the vessels feeding the organs might happen. Hypertension may trigger organ failure by disrupting the blood stream to the organs. Subsequently, it must be adopted below the supervision of an knowledgeable.” he stated.

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Giving details about the causes of hypertension, Dr. Dr. Özkan Akyol shared the following data: “There are numerous danger components that will predispose to the improvement of hypertension. The danger of growing hypertension will increase with advancing age. The presence of people with hypertension amongst members of the family and family members can be amongst the components thought-about dangerous for the improvement of hypertension. Other than these conditions, people who find themselves chubby, don’t do bodily exercise or smoke tobacco are additionally thought-about in the group thought-about in danger for the improvement of hypertension. Circumstances that will trigger a rise in blood stress in an individual are examined in two teams as main and secondary causes. The definition of main (main) hypertension is a time period used when the situation that will trigger hypertension to happen in the individual can’t be recognized. Main hypertension tends to develop clinically steadily over time. The idea of secondary (secondary) hypertension, on the different hand, signifies that hypertension in the individual happens in consequence of a sure well being situation. In contrast to main hypertension, hypertension, which develops secondary to a trigger, rises immediately. Secondary hypertension might happen after numerous illnesses and the use of sure medicine or substances.

The body's silent killer: Hypertension #2


Declaring that hypertension is a well being drawback that normally progresses insidiously throughout improvement and may live on with out inflicting any signs in individuals, Dr. Dr. Ozkan Akyol, “The emergence of signs of hypertension happens in some individuals years after the improvement of hypertension. There are numerous indicators and signs that will point out the presence of extreme hypertension: Headache, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, flushing, palpitations, weak point, tinnitus, dizziness, chest ache, issues with imaginative and prescient, blood in the urine. The emergence of such signs along with hypertension is essential as a result of they’re signs that require therapy by making use of to well being establishments and that warning that bigger issues might develop if anticipated. used the phrases.

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Talking about the therapy of hypertension, Dr. Dr. Ozkan Akyol, “The intention of hypertension therapy is to decrease blood stress beneath 140/90 mm Hg. If the affected person has diabetes, kidney failure and organ injury, decrease blood stress is focused. Way of life adjustments are the foundation of hypertension therapy. At the identical time, drug remedy constitutes an essential half of the therapy of hypertension. Way of life adjustments, common train, weight management, and restriction of salt consumption are crucial throughout the therapy of hypertension. In the case of hypertension immune to all therapies, blood stress might be managed by treating the renal arteries. Early prognosis is essential to forestall critical situations brought on by hypertension equivalent to stroke, coronary heart assault and kidney failure. Early identified and managed hypertension doesn’t have an effect on the high quality of life. Like another therapy, therapy for hypertension must be tailor-made to the particular person. It’s not right to assume that blood stress medicine utilized in the therapy of hypertension are addictive or dangerous, and to keep away from this based mostly on the unwanted side effects of steady and long-term drug use.” gave his phrases.

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