The photograph of Lake Van from space has been awarded to the NASA competition.

Scientists and astronauts have been conducting numerous experiments and researches in space for years thanks to the Worldwide Space Station. It is also a singular place to photograph Earth from space.

Revealing the fascinating landscapes of our planet with the satellite tv for pc photographs it broadcasts from time to time. NASA, In the competitors consisting of 20 world images taken by astronauts serving on the Worldwide Space Station, the picture of Lake Van taken from space was additionally included.


In the on-line competitors referred to as “Earth Match”, the photograph taken by Astronaut Kate Rubins on September 12, 2016, of Lake Van, seen from space, was amongst the favourites.

The photograph of Lake Van from space has been awarded to the NASA competition #1

The photograph, which additionally consists of the data that Lake Van is the largest soda lake in the world, was favored by hundreds of individuals in a short while.

Amongst the images in NASA’s competitors are Lake Colorado in Bolivia, recognized for its pink coloration, clouds forming over the Andros Islands in the Bahamas, lights of Japan, big canola fields in southwestern Russia, Sinai Peninsula, Grand Canyon in the USA, Himalayas, Sahara Consists of clouds over the desert, the eye of Storm Maysak in 2015 from space, and pictures of Clevlan Volcano in Alaska.

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You need to use the hyperlink beneath to vote for the images in the contest on NASA’s official website.

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