The number of Ukrainians crossing to neighboring countries was 2 million 155 thousand 271


Information obtained from numerous sources concerning the refugee disaster in Ukraine have been shared.

Within the assertion made by the United Nations Excessive Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), it was said that 2 million 155 thousand 271 refugees, greater than half of them to Poland, crossed from Ukraine to neighboring countries on February 24-8 March.


Poland 1 million 294 thousand 903, Hungary 203 thousand 222, Slovakia 153 thousand 303, Romania 85 thousand 444, Russia 99 thousand 300, Moldova 82 thousand 762, Belarus 592 and different Within the assertion, it was said that 183 thousand 688 refugees crossed to European countries, and as well as to these figures, 96 thousand individuals crossed into Russia from Donetsk and Luhansk areas on February 18-23.


UNHCR warned that if the state of affairs in Ukraine escalates additional, up to 4 million civilians could flee the nation.

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