The Ministry of Health has stopped the use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of viruses

One of the medicine used in the battle in opposition to coronavirus was hydroxychloroquine, often called the malaria drug.

The Ministry of Health up to date the coronavirus treatment information and adjusted the medicine used in the treatment.


In response to the new resolution, the hydroxychloroquine drug, whose effectiveness and uncomfortable side effects have been mentioned for some time, will now not be used in the treatment of coronavirus.

Coronavirus sufferers is not going to be given medicine with this lively ingredient at residence or in the hospital.

Ministry of Health stopped the use of hydroxychloroquine drug in the treatment of virus #1


Quinine, henna bark is the title given to the bark of Cinchona species from the Rubiaceae household. Though these bushes are endemic to South America, they’re cultivated in many tropical areas resembling Bolivia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Tanzania and Kenya.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), bought below the title Plaquenil, is a drugs used for the prevention and treatment of sure sorts of malaria.

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