The Milky Way was photographed with 12 years of work

The Milky Way galaxy, together with the photo voltaic system, is only one of billions of galaxies within the universe.

Finnish astrophotographer JP Metsavainio created a panoramic picture of the Milky Way after 12 years of work.

100 PIXEL PHOTO(*12*)

Metsavainio for the picture in query He said that he spent 1250 hours of publicity time and that the ensuing panoramic picture of the Milky Way was 100 thousand pixels large.

In his examine, Metsavainio used a set of modified digital camera lenses and telescopes at his observatory close to the Arctic Circle in northern Finland.

(full measurement)

Milky Way

Panoramic picture of the Milky Way, protecting an space of ​​20 million stars from Taurus to Cygnus constellation.

Utilizing the celebs as indicators to match the right squares, Metsavainio mixed the obtained squares with the mosaic method.

Metsavainio, in an announcement to the press, mentioned that he shared the main points of his 12-year work on his private weblog web page and that as of March 16, the weblog web page acquired about 750 thousand guests.

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