The distance between America, Europe and Africa is increasing by 4 centimeters every year

The distance between the continents across the Atlantic Ocean is increasing by 4 centimeters every year.

Due to this fact The Americas (North and South America) are shifting additional away from Europe and Africa by 4 centimeters every year.

Scientists working on the College of Southampton, which is one of many main academic establishments in England, got down to clarify this example.


Beginning with two analysis vessels, the group positioned 39 seismographs on the backside of the Atlantic Ocean, on either side of the elevation, and in these areas He measured for 10 weeks.

It was beforehand acknowledged that this example occurred on account of the rise of gear within the mantle layer beneath the Earth’s crust. In line with the brand new concept, the Mid-Atlantic Elevation instantly impacts plate tectonics within the area.

The area in query causes matter to rise from the deeper layers of our planet, which in flip pushes the continents away from one another.


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