The claim that the cruiser Moscow was sunk with the help of US intelligence

A brand new claim has been made relating to the sinking of the Russian ship.

The proprietor of the claim is the NBC information channel from the US press.

Whereas it’s nonetheless a matter of curiosity how the Moscow cruiser, the flagship in the Black Sea, was hit by Ukraine, a distinct element was given from the USA relating to the sinking of the ship.

“The sinking of the ship occurred with the help of US intelligence”

It has been claimed that the intelligence data shared by the US intelligence helped the Ukrainian military sink the Russian cruiser ship Moscow.

The report alleged that the assault befell after the Ukrainian forces questioned the Individuals a few ship crusing in the Black Sea south of Odessa.

The allegation that “they didn’t intrude in the determination of assault”

On the different hand, it was additionally claimed that the USA didn’t know beforehand that Ukraine would goal Moscow and didn’t intrude with the determination to assault.

It was acknowledged that the USA additionally detected the assaults from Russian ships and shared them with Ukraine.

The US Division of Protection (Pentagon) refrains from commenting on the Moscow ship, though it has confirmed that American intelligence is sharing real-time data with Ukraine.

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She was the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet

A guided-missile cruiser with a crew of 510, Moscow was the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet and was the largest Russian warship sunk in fight since World Struggle II.

The United States introduced that the ship sank on April 14 after being hit by two Neptune anti-ship missiles.

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