The Blended Salon & Spa – Can it Work? Yes, it’s the Wave of the Future!

Oh yea, I bet you imagine My business is writing about a salon and spa under one roof. No, that’s not the “blend” I am writing about. I want to review the concept of a commission and rental shop all in one place!

Well, you now really think I am crazy. I do not think so. Some salon owners are crazy smart when it comes to earning profits and being successful. Some have figured out and about the right mix of booth rental and commission rate arrangements to make the shop run like some sort of well oiled machine!

Consequently, who are these users?

I would like to be able to profile one I i am particularly impressed with. He or she is smart, talented expertly and financially savvy while sporting a heart and functioning hard to increase the existence and careers of his / her professional team. This will be an amazing combination. There are listened, in the very last 4 years, to numerous, many salon and health spa owners. I have took in to those who help both the commission store owner and the presentation area rental owner and nothing have had the job and life ethic of this gentleman.

Mark Cottle, the master of Kaya Beauty in Henderson, Nevada, has no idea My business is writing about him but that’s OKAY because he would just blush if I told him before I was done! Mark is a very talented Beauty Professional. He is a teacher, mentor and businessman. “I want my team to be successful” he tells if you ask the dog why he is therefore comfortable when one of his professionals says they will want to go local rental, “any salon owner who else doesn’t want to have got his or her team “own” their own customers and accomplish great things is frightened of loss”. His self-assurance in his ability to be able to groom great talent a shine through around everyone in the shop.

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You must remember, although I am a financial professional who else created a solo magnificence professional contact management application, I am another quite vain newly half century outdated women who hates just about any gray hair showing by and needs to possibly be “blonde” although God presented me the older Swedish dark brown to job with! My business is very faithful to some very accomplished professionals who credit Tag & Kaya for achievements.

I am also lastly getting my nails carried out and for a handle had a facial and even massage on my special birthday as a gift coming from my staff. What a great amazing event, all from Kaya, the top cure with great people, most loving them and doing their work into a great enjoyable career.

All of them, when asked just what is important to the salon& spa owner state ” Mark cares just about the happiness of the buyer”, “If the client isn’t being taken treatment of by one qualified in the salon, we all must understand and help them to get the right professional around the salon to job with”. Wow, what some sort of concept.

Mark bought each one member of his workforce a copy of the Redken sponsored Michael Cole e-book “A Little More away from the Top” to go through and study and focus on at future meetings to get the group. I had been happy enough to read some sort of copy and exactly what a wonderful book for all magnificence professionals while well as any mlm marketer who existence with customer care as some sort of crucial part of his or her career. Mark gave them all the book with the goal of building achievements for each team new member which often builds success to get the shop.

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Now I actually can’t let you know the monetary formula of booth local rental to commission and just what the splits are and even what the monthly charges are. I can explain to you that all job to sell product, definitely not “force sell” product to be able to the clients, the entrance desk calls all buyers of commissioned staff the day before the session (I believe this will be too late, but which is another client management story), and are super welcoming helping out however they will can.

When Mark stated to me, web site said on how wonderful his / her management style was and just how unique he is in the marketplace, “If a client likes a professional’s work, they might follow them anywhere. Why shouldn’t I make the professional happy to possibly be here so the client will be very happy to be here? I actually don’t own the buyer, nobody does, but buyer loyalty to the professional is expected”. That i knew of then that Mark understood the fundamentals that most salon owners ignore or suppress for the sake of “owning’ the client.

Your professionals are you best and quite a few valuable asset. As a Salon & Spa owner treat them right and you will have the beauty professional and the customers for life.

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