The Benefits of Disinfectant Use in Daily Life

Germs that indirectly pollute your hands from objects and surfaces that you touch during your daily activities can make you sick. Watsons’ practical and effective disinfectant options protect you and your family from such dangers. Thus, when you cannot wash your hands, disinfectants, which are your saviors, provide hygiene without harming your hands with their moisturizing properties, mineral supports and many other extra features.
Discover the best hand sanitizer options from different brands that Watsons offers you right now to ensure the hygiene of your hands that you use many times throughout the day and make it an indispensable part of your cleaning routine!

Stay healthy with disinfectants

You can help protect your health with practical hygienic cleaning products. During the various activities you do during the day, you should frequently wash your hands exposed to germs that can cause illness. You can safely clean your hands on the road, school, work or street with the products of domestic and foreign brands that help you apply an effective hand hygiene routine for health.

Watsons disinfectants, which are made up of quality domestic and foreign brands, are presented in various forms as gels or sprays to make your life easier and contribute to your hygiene. You can easily carry the hygienic products you need to clean your hands during the day in your bag or pocket thanks to its compact and practical structure. Thus, you can create maximum hygiene and cleaning conditions for yourself and your environment with disinfectants that you apply after touching any place with your hands while you are outside. At Watsons, you can discover gel and spray disinfectants in handy, compact bottles.

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Practical and compact hygiene products

Hand sanitizer products offered by domestic and foreign reliable brands at Watsons protect the health and safety of consumers at the highest level with years of experience and knowledge. Products in the form of hand cleansing gels help you have clean and hygienic hands without irritating the skin, thanks to their formulas developed for sensitive skin.

Konix Sanitizer can be easily moved wherever you want, thanks to its compact 100 ml bottle. You can use this product, which has a special formula developed for waterless use, without the need for towels and water during the day. Disinfectant spray types are among the favorites of many people in terms of easy application and instant absorption. Bebak disinfectant types allow you to get rid of germs and bacteria thanks to the 90 degree alcohol they contain. You can safely use Panthenol’s disinfectants containing Vitamin E and Glycerine, which are specially formulated to avoid irritating your hands, while shopping, on public transport and when you go out.

The best disinfectants at Watsons

Even if you can’t stop using your hands, you can reduce your risk of getting sick by using disinfectant. Watsons sanitizer gel and aerosol products facilitate your daily cleaning routine with its portable structure and comfortable use. Hunca Care Disinfectant Gel, with its 70% alcohol content, allows you to disinfect your hands in a few seconds without the need for soap and water.

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Dermokil Disinfectant Gel, which is specially presented to avoid harming the hands due to its alcohol content, helps the hands to nourish thanks to the minerals in the clay content. These products, which you can easily take with you wherever you go during the day, moisturize your hands and contribute to their smooth and beautiful appearance. Watsons gives you the privilege of having all the products you need in the comfort of your home with a single click.

You can easily purchase any hand sanitizer product you want by following the constantly updated special Watsons offers and promotions. Domestic and foreign well-known and distinguished brands, disinfectant products are waiting for you at Watsons for your health and hygiene.

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