Swedish MP insults Islam

Swedish MP insults Islam

Sweden Democrats Get together Member of Parliament Richard Jomshof, who participated within the dialogue program on “Multiculturalism” on Swedish state tv SVT, spoke about individuals residing in Muslim nations. “unfortunate” described as.


jomshof, “I undergo together with all of the individuals who needed to be born in these nations. As a result of Islam is a disgusting ideology and faith.” he mentioned.


Inexperienced Get together Co-Chair and Equality Minister Marta Stenevi reacted to Jomshof’s phrases on her Twitter account and acknowledged that these phrases can’t be accepted.

stanevi, “Swedish democrats are exposing their Islamophobia and revulsion to a big a part of Swedish society. Kids rising up in Sweden, no matter their faith, shouldn’t be met with hatred.” used the phrases.


Liberal Middle Get together Chairman Annie Lööf additionally emphasised on her Twitter account that the Sweden Democrats Get together is a xenophobic, populist celebration.

Loof, “They do not even take care of their very own Islamophobia. There are Muslims who go to work or college daily in Sweden. It isn’t proper to accuse them of extremism or Islamism.” he mentioned.

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