Sunscreen should be chosen according to the skin structure.

Dr. Efşan Gürbüz Yontar mentioned that sunscreens appropriate for the skin construction should be utilized in order to forestall the formation of sunspots, that are continuously encountered particularly in summer time months.

Skin spots are principally brought on by the impact of the solar. Nonetheless, it might additionally develop due to causes reminiscent of superior age, being pregnant, hormone therapies. The spots are principally situated on the cheeks, chin and lips. So as to forestall the formation of stains on the skin, it’s mandatory not to neglect sunscreens in summer time. Skin and Venereal Illnesses Specialist at Acıbadem Kayseri Hospital. Efşan Gürbüz Yontar warned about skin blemishes.

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Stating {that a} sunscreen with a solar safety issue of a minimum of 30 should be used to shield from sunspots, Yontar continued his phrases as follows; “The primary measure in opposition to sunspots is the use of sunscreen cream. Sunscreen lotions should have a solar safety issue of a minimum of 30 and should be repeated each two hours, particularly in summer time. Some merchandise or procedures utilized to the skin additionally enhance the formation of spots. “The cologne, which is an efficient disinfectant, should not be utilized to the elements of the physique that come into contact with the solar. This rule additionally applies to moist wipes and fragrance. As well as, ladies should be protected against the solar so as to forestall the growth of stains after laser epilation, skin care and chemical therapies for the skin.”

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Yontar, who warns that sunscreen should not be utilized in infants youthful than 6 months, mentioned, “We don’t advocate the use of sunscreen in infants youthful than six months, since the skin barrier will not be totally developed. For kids older than six months, it’s helpful to take protecting measures with sunscreen, glasses and a hat. mentioned.

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Yontar said that allergic skin reactions are continuously encountered in case of utilizing sunscreens of which high quality will not be certain. “In these sufferers, allergy-related eczema could develop. Due to this fact, the reliability of sunscreen and any comparable product utilized to the skin is essential for our skin well being.” he mentioned.

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Stating that spot therapy is a personalised therapy, Dr. Efşan Gürbüz Yontar gave the following details about the therapy: “Stain formation can happen in several severity and types in sufferers. A roadmap is drawn up by the dermatologist for therapy; The therapy scheme is set according to the kind of stain, the depth of the stain and the skin construction of the particular person. Amongst the stain therapy strategies, PRP, mesotherapy, chemical skin peeling and laser therapies are utilized. More practical outcomes are obtained when these therapy protocols are typically utilized in mixture. Nonetheless, sufferers should be very cautious so as not to recur in the post-treatment interval. As a result of the stain is a continual illness and the recurrence charge is sort of excessive.”

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